Friday, January 6, 2017

Liebe Familie und Freunde,

I remembered sending off my seniors last year like it was yesterday. Here's the post. How time flies so fast that I can't even catch up with life. Is this happening? Is this really happening? Am I really going to Germany?
Now that I'm here, I still pinch myself sometimes to make sure this isn't a dream. People might think this is a nice dream, but is it? When I was a kid, I wrote a wish list on a piece of A4 paper. Number one, make my parents happy, and number 2 was studying abroad where snow falls. It was a wish I never even imagined would come true. Sure, I hoped but really being here? I think it's a miracle. Allah gave me a chance and I won't be a fool to waste it.
It wasn't even a day until I started to miss everyone. When will I go home? Can I bear this loneliness? Am I independent enough for this? What if I don't make it? I asked and thought of too many things that I don't even have the answers to.
I thought back about how my family did crazy things, like buying me crazy expensive stuff and saying crazy cheesy words. Everyday my mother asked me "what do you want to eat?". Without hesitation she bought everything I laid my eyes on. My grandfather brought me to Satay Stall. My sister used her one week allowance to buy me a present. My friends did everything they could.
I didn't want to cry when I come here. I don't want to feel homesick, not because I don't want to miss home, but I don't want to go though all this crying phase again. It pains me and I won't be able to do anything about it. Boarding school sure helped but look who's crying again, lol. Family and friends, thank you. I appreciated every single gesture and present. And I love you all.
When I arrived, it felt like -8 degrees Celsius. (although I never experienced -8). It felt like being in the freezer. I hate it already. Did I mention touching snow was number 3 on my wish list?
I dreamed winter to be a gentle pure white comfortable season but oh boy how wrong was I? It's ugly. It's slippery. It freezes. It freezes me and my heart. I'm numb all over. Despite all the hate towards winter, mother nature seemed to have a way of coaxing me. When snow fell, my heart becomes warm again. Looks like I have a soft spot for snow. The day snow falls, is the day I'm happy. Nothing can make me mad on a snowing day.
But I still hope for better days. This winter feels like forever. I hope time does its thing again, you know, flies so fast. Who knows, spring will come before I know  it. And who knows, with just a bit of patience, I will have semester break and set foot in Malaysia again :)
Please pray for me. I hope I don't fall or drift apart. I know that I am never alone. I know I can do this. I know I can.

 (so many showed up!)

 (For once, I felt like a celebrity)

 (I will buy this one day)
 (waiting at Heathrow, London)

 (these are damn good)

 (virgin snow)

I also lowkey appreciate JPA. Thank you.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Silat is my self defense!

SO WOW! This is my first try in self defense. Apparently, my parents are important people in the Silat Gayong association. HAHA. I have really never thought of that. What makes me happier is that Dinie agreed to go to Batu Gajah, Ipoh, Perak with my family! Thanks a lot, Dinie.
SO WOW! Dies ist mein erster Versuch in Selbstverteidigung. Anscheinend sind meine Eltern wichtige Leute in der Silat Gayong Vereinigung. HAHA. Ich habe wirklich nie daran gedacht. Was mich glücklicher macht, ist, dass Dinie zugestimmt hat, zu Batu Gajah, Ipoh, Perak mit meiner Familie zu mitgehen! Vielen Dank, Dinie.
 It was only 3 days but I think I learned a lot. (I just hope I don't forget the moves when the time comes HAHA) Well, I hope there won't be a time when I will need to use the knife skills and all.  :( We also learned what to do if someone points a gun at us. I don't even know if I have the guts to do it. 
Es dauerte nur 3 Tage, aber ich glaube, dass ich viel gelernt habe. (Ich hoffe nur, dass ich die Züge nicht vergesse, wenn die Zeit kommt HAHA). Wir haben auch gelernt, was zu tun ist, wenn jemand eine Pistole auf uns zeigt. Ich weiß nicht einmal, ob ich den Mut habe, es zu tun.

One night, we had to do some kind long braid and it took forever to make UGH. I thought I am patient but apparently, NUH-UH.
Eine Nacht, wir mussten eine Art lange Flechten und es dauerte ewig UGH zu machen. Ich dachte, ich bin geduldig, aber anscheinend, NUH-UH. Es hat mich sehr genervt.

On the way back, Cameron Highlands was a layover. And guess where we went? RIGHT. THE SAME PLACE HOHO.
Dann gingen wir nach Cameron Highlands. Und rat mal, wohin wir gingen? RECHT. DER GLEICHE ORT HOHO.

(The certificate and the braid we did the night before. SO LONG RIGHT?!)

Monday, November 28, 2016

To Cameron!

A family trip! Alhamdulillah, it has been long since my family went somewhere together. My Grandma had kidney problems and we haven't been anywhere since. Although we went to Cameron Highlands like, a hundred times already, it is apparently the most suitable place for all ages. Cool and calming. If you ask me where I would like to go for a family trip, of course I would say Lost World of Tambun! or Legoland! or some place exciting. But as we all know, those places aren't elderly-friendly and requires long walks and my grandparents can't afford that. So here we were! Welcomed by the November rain.
Ein Familienausflug! Alhamdulillah, es war lange her, dass meine Familie irgendwo zusammen ging. Meine Großmutter hatte Nierenprobleme und wir sind seither nirgendwo gegangen. Obwohl wir nach Cameron Highlands schon hundert Mal gegangen haben, es ist anscheinend der geeignetste Ort für alle Altersgruppen. Kühl und beruhigend. Wenn Sie mich fragen, wohin ich für einen Familienausflug gehen möchte, natürlich würde ich sagen, Lost World of Tambun! Oder Legoland! Oder irgendwohin spannend. Aber wie wir alle wissen sind diese Orte nicht für ältere Leute und erfordert lange Spaziergänge. Meine Großeltern können sich das nicht leisten. Also hier waren wir! Der November Regen begrüßt uns :)
From the foot of the mountain, we counted waterfalls.There were about 25 of them, Some dried up, unfortunately :( Climate change is a bad boy! 
There is this one place in Cameron that YOU MUST GO! It is Lake View Garden and it is so beautiful!!! Albeit quite expensive, the chocolates are delightful! Tourist attractions are normally so. And the strawberry milkshake is the best <3.
Vom Bergfuß zählten wir Wasserfälle. Es gaben etwa 25 von ihnen, Einige trocknete aus, leider :( Der Klimawandel ist ein böser Junge!
Es gibt diesen Ort in Cameron, dass ihr gehen müsst! Es ist Lake View Garden und es ist sehr schön !!! Obwohl das Essen hier ziemlich teuer ist, ist es herrlich! Touristtraktionen sind in der Regel so. Und der Erdbeer-Milchshake ist der beste <3.