Tuesday, December 11, 2018


Soo... my best friend when I was in college has a boyfriend now. I am officially the only single girl in my batch hahaha (fml).  
I feel happy for her, and at the same time sad, because she didn't tell me anything. "Got boyfriend tell me ah" is what we always said. But she didn't say a single word nor a hint. In fact, I heard it from someone else 
I wish I was in Hamburg to see the very first buds of love in front of my eyes. I wish instead of Huda, I am the first ones to listen their blooming love story. I wish I was there to witness it all. I hate how far apart we've grown both distance and relationship-wise, and I can't even tell her that without getting her feeling bad (or confused. "Why are you suddenly telling me this?")
And I miss her. A lot.
I was even thinking of doing my masters in Hamburg but you know what they say, being a third wheel between best friends is worse than between a couple. Also I would be forth wheeling because her boyfriend is there; or maybe fifth? sixth? depending how many best friends she has? I don't know.
But I'm glad she found happiness, and I hope it continues forever. She deserves the world and so much more.
I truly miss you, Jie.

P/s: the title had no special meaning I just didn't know what to put heheh

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Another Family-less Raya Celebration

This year's Raya post is only 5 blog posts away from last year's. By that information you can guess how neglected this blog is. (But I still love you baby don't worry). So yeah, Syawal came. That happened. I fasted for 17 to 18 hours a day, no big deal, but Raya, you know.. the most important celebration in a normal Malaysian life, instead of in Malaysia where the streets are filled with people wearing new clothes while trying to find another lemang stall, or where the radio echoes 'berlalulah sudah Ramadhan', I celebrated it at the Malaysian Consulate in Germany instead, where people might not even know what Eid is. Coincidentally, a big event was happening at the Messe, the building beside the consulate and a lot of people were there. When we were taking pictures outside, I saw a lot of eyes looking at us. They might've thought what are those weird clothes? Why are these men wearing skirt?

All in all, I didn't cry as much this year. Maybe because I know that I'm going home in a month anyway, and my Grandfather promised to prepare all the raya Aidilfitri dishes during Aidiladha :D WEHEEE. I crave catfish sambal. Haih. I don't really like lemang but I'm craving lemang too :( This year I celebrate it with new people too! My juniors <3 And met a few amazing new friends. I realise how much I love them and life is really boring without them. On Saturday a family Day was held. That was fun too, but last year's was more enjoyable but I still like this one better because of the people :)

Second day Raya we had Family Day, with Avengers theme. I'm actually quite proud of the AJK (who were mostly my seniors) I mean, it must've been tiring and they didn't even get paid. If that's not altruism I don't know what is.In the end my team won some stuff, but I didnt get to devour it cause my train was early huhu.. It's okay, I never wanted the presents to begin with, the memories were the most precious to me.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Throwback Austria

This is so old, I went to Austria in December 2017. After 6 months I suddenly want to reminisce those times. Those times when Danny was still a nice person. After that trip, even when we live in the same small city of 266 thousand population (Augsburg), I have never talked to him ever since. I met him in school a few times but we pretended not to know each other hahahaha. It's so funny how people thought we look like best friends? Lol. Anyways, this post is not about him; it's about how I fall in love with my lovely seniors all over again. And when it all ended, I was lonely again, alone in my 20 square feet room. I actually have not many words to type, as I've also forgot most things I did there. And I wanted to write the names of places that I went like Vienna Palace or whatever but truthfully, I don't even know any of those places' names because I only followed my seniors and took pictures and just live the moment while we could. So here are the pictures. Enjoy, I guess?