Wednesday, July 15, 2015

First few weeks

Guten Tag!
The first few weeks in KBU has been very productive . It was filled with KL strolling (and German classes),

not to mention, tarawikh (and German classes), birthdays (and German classes)

and most importantly, selfies (and German classes), Eheheh.


Then all of these pictures were took during a fire drill. Who cares about the fire? Selfies are more important, lol :D

Also, Mom did so much for me, providing my every need, granting my wishes and even cooked my fovourite dishes every week. Vielen Dank, Mutter.

(Mom cooked KFC too hihi XD)
Das ist alles
P/S: The post is actually for picture posting purposes XD

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

College, anyone?

So yeah, I'm going to college! Not as excited as it sounds, I am actually quite scared to face a life with so much less discipline. I am so comfortable with baju kurung school uniform. I like black leather shoes. And, I kind of like being locked up in the dorm at night, hearing wardens shout LIGHTS OFF!!!!
By the way, my brain is still having a hard time processing all these new things I'm going to face. New friends, new environment, new system... Did I mention I'm not into changes?
I hope I will change for the better. More hardworking, you know. At school, all of us were spoon-fed. Now we even have to cook for ourselves! The lecturer only provide the recipe. Boy, I'm so good at metaphors.
I will be busy for the rest, I guess, 7 years from now? Haha. I hope time flies as fast as it did. Who would have known, 7 years ago I was that kid in the corner whose uniform was painted with sambal, wore inside out tudung and was twice shorter than all of my friends.
A new beginning starts now. I WON'T GIVE UP! and you shouldn't too! :)
Lots of love from me,
the awkwad college girl

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Ibuku, Guruku Sayang

My mother is the best!
Nae eommaneun, cwigoyae!


Happy mother's day, to literally the best mother in the world.
Thank you for everything you gave (birth, diapers, 24/7 care, home etc), are giving (knowledge, books, school, etc) and will be giving for your love will always be flowing like the rivers in heaven.
I am sorry I did so much wrong doings; I'm ashamed of myself. Please forgive me.
I am forever thankful to Allah for this greatest gift, you.
P/S: Sorry I'm not a good poet, or writer.