Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Contest Sweet Memories with BFF

wanna join ? *click

My best friends are some of the most important people in my life, I will never deny that.
I even have a special page for them.
As you can see, click the page titled *how sunshines effect* <-- you can click
Yes, they are sunshines. :D

These are the pictures :

I used Dinie's DIY pen. So cute

I love my best friends insya-Allah.. eternally.
Btw, only the second picture is edited. :)

Well then. I hope to win this :)

changed my sign a little

Happy 15th Anniversary !


To my parents !


It has been 15 years now.

Wish it will last forever.

My siblings and I spent some money to buy





That's all. :)


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Will You Accept or Deny ?

Hey curious you!
Actually, I want to make a challenge.
I don't know if this will work
it is worth trying :D

Okay, here it goes.
List from A to Z,
websites that will automatically open when you type a letter, then enter.
when I type the letter 'm',
this will appear.
so, for letter m, it will lead to my blog :D
Got it?
Oh yes, do link it. :)
I know I'm talking like .. um, I don't know. Let It be.

This is my result :
A- asdfghjkllove.tumblr.com
B- blogger.com
C- chibird.tumblr.com
D- dinie-aqilah.blogspot.com
E- esjeyzee.tumblr.com
F- facebook.com
G- google.com I'm sure everyone is the same
H- habplus.com this is a game :D
I- infinite-swag-blog.tumblr.com
J- just-andy.tumblr.com
K- kintanti.com
L- leafhotel.net this is also a game
M- myoneandonlycrowny.blogspot.com < my blog <3
N- nurfadzlinrs.blogspot.com
O- onlinegames.net
P- poptropica.com
Q- quizzilla.teenick.com
R- ratupetninlaw.blogspot.com
S- slimdiet2-amieza.blogspot.com mom's blog!! Do follow.
T- touch-me-never.tumblr.com
U- none. hehe
V- videokeman.com
W- wordhippo.com love this.
X- xpsycho.tumblr.com
Y- youtube.com
Z- also none..

so, there they are..
Hope you guys accept this.

so, I'm hoping on these the most.
and YOU .
Do comment once you did it.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Feet 2

Yay! I watched it yesterday at Jusco.
I cried, I laughed and I cried again.
So the story is like this.

Mumble and Gloria had a son, Erik who is so shy to dance and sing. Erik's first attempt at dancing embarrassed him. Then there was an incident when the penguins returned to Emperor Land and they were shocked to discover a large iceberg has struck their home, trapping the entire Emperor Penguin population below large walls of ice. Boadica, Erik’s friend ventures out to Adélie Land to recruit the help of Ramon, the Amigos and all the Adélie penguins to bring fish to the doomed Emperor penguins. Then everything went so badly like bla bla bla…. Then Mumble and Erik went to look for an elephant seal which they had saved earlier. At first that seal hesitated to come.  Touched by Erik's song, the elephant seals traveled to Emperor-Land to free the penguins .The penguins and the seals begin slamming the ice on beat, joined by the krill below the ice.Finally the iceberg crumbled enough for the Emperor Penguins to climb out of the crevice and reunite with their families. Awh, so sweet.

Literally cried when I watched this part.

This is when Gloria tries to calm Erik who got pissed off.
love this.

The Tiger's Roar !

Shouted like a mad hatter really.
Oh, how my mum scolded me. :D
Oh yes, I hate it when those Indonesians boo-ed the Malaysian supporters.
Well, this is life, man.
When a good deed is done, a good deed is repaid and,

P.S: Whether you spit, show your middle finger, boo or anything that hurts the Malaysian Football Team, 

got my sign back :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Ending (last part)

This is the end of time Form 2.
I’m soooooooo sad! I’ll miss all the 2 Muzaffarians, including my enemy.

Before I forget, lemme post this first :

Nah, there you go Dinie. It is horrible, I can see that but, just for fulfilling my promise, okay! It is a masterpiece, as all of you children can see.

Here it goes :

Today, 18th November  2011. The last day of school by the Negeri Sembilan state.
I’m feeling so down and regretful , no! I mustn’t be. *sigh.
It was all in the past. It’ll never occur again.
Let me tell you what happened today, in my class. (2 Muzaffar)
We had a so called ‘gotong-royong’.
Boys like Aniq, Zaidi and Veyla pulled out the newspaper balls and threw them everywhere.  

They looked so cute!

It feels like it was yesterday we decorated our class and now, we have to destroy it all. We managed to collect, quite a lot of rubbishes; which most of them were papers. Pity those innocent trees.

The foam board were crushed by us, like we were raging mad.

and guessed who was the most mad of us all,
because she had to sweep everything :D 
Laugh it out, just joking, she swept the floor with an open heart!

Then, me, Dinie and Pajel played with our camera! I mean mine and Dinie’s. Pajel is too nice to bring one to school. She said it was ‘against the school rules’. Pajel, today is the last day! Who cares. 
You care. 

Look at this lovable picture!

I wish it will last, my diamonds.

Oh yes, there is one picture of me and Kenneth. He is so cute ! And I’m just the same old spoiler. -.-

The most unexpected thing is, Dinie offered a once-in-a-lifetime offer! Too good to be true isn’t it? And the best part is, I declined. Yes, it is one of my life’s pleasures if I accept and no, the fact is I did NOT accept it. I’m too scared. 
What am I scared about? I didn’t know it, myself. What a lame girl. I’m a loser. Just like Dinie has been saying.

Well, no more form 2 then. I’ll miss this year so much. I love you, 2 Muzaffar 2011. Next year is going to be tough. With the PMR thingy and all. *sigh. This is so early!! Brain, get ready to suck everything and me, get ready to be stressed!

P.S :  it is quite tough to be a paparazzi. :O 



This is the end of Form 2, :(

So I would like to thank my best friends, Tiqah, Dinie, Pajel, Aishah and I won’t forget, Aina. She was in school in the first months of schooling. Oh yes, Atira too. I love you guys so much. I had done so many bad things, I’m aware. I uttered words I shouldn’t utter, I know. So I am really sorry. Despite that, you guys never pay them back. That makes me feel so ashamed of myself. Damn.

Infinity thanks to my ‘kerash’ :D for giving me a brand new experience that I’m sure I’ll never have it again. Well, even I never talked to you more than a minute but, those 5 seconds were the best 5 seconds of my life. It has been 2 years, wow. Let’s make it 3 or 5 is better, shall we? Haha. I’m crapping now. All thanks to my imagination. Throughout this year, I had been dreaming so much about you. Why eh? Who should I thank for that? 

Yes, I love my brain too. Cheers, brain, for sucking all the knowledge. Also, for making me think things outside the box! Um, did it? Never mind. I don’t care.

Nothing could be done without my parents, right? Thank you dad for sending me to school EARLY every day. Because of you, I had a clean record! YAY. I apologize too, dad because I had been urging you. HEHE. Normal isn’t it, dad? :D 

Teachers, especially Pn. Salbiah and Pn. Zainab, I love you so much! You taught me so well that I can be who I am, now, teachers. Pn. Rashidah, Murni, Zainon, Ain and all lah!

Last but not least, thank you everyone. Yep. EVERYONE whether in school or who is reading right now. Thank you, very much.

Love you <3 

typical sign,

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

That incident :(

I'm sorry for not updating for... quite a while.

^ This word is dedicated to those readers who constantly read my blog :)
Like my best friends.
Well, who else?
I don’t think there IS someone else.
Who wants to know a typical life of a normal girl anyway. :|
My mom was fuming with rage the other day ( well, something made her angry ) and she made up her mind.
You know what it is? No internet surfing until my sister finishes her UPSR and me, my PMR !


Can you imagine that people?

And, you will never know how I updated this.MySpace

You know what? I still think that I will update and I assure you, this will NEVER be the last !! :D


Um, Dinie, I’m so sorry I can’t upload the picture you wanted :D. That is because the kind of wire that is usually used by me to transfer pictures from camera to the laptop is nowhere to be found. HEHE. So, if I find it, I’ll e-mail it to you, okay.

Btw, I'm gonna miss my friends this December, and I'll miss you, crushy crush crush. :P

OH GOD. I can't publish my signature. There is this E-Kamus bugging me. I hate you, I DON'T EVEN NEED YOU !!! GO AWAY !! I can't copy! Shit. Go Away. I'll report this to my father after he is back from Langkawi !!!!


Hey, I just want to tell you guys that I truly want a tumblr account which my mom forbids me to have. I even made typographies to be uploaded when I have one. Soon my friend, SOON.
I also thought that if I have a tumblr account, I’ll have many followers!!! HAHA. Too much day-dreaming, girl.

Look. I figured out this:

It’s amazing how strangers can be best friends and then strangers again
It’s amazing how me and my sister can differentiate our same sized shoe, with the same design.

Sign lost. Can't help it. Bye

Monday, November 7, 2011

High Queen Rose, The Awesome

Who do you think this Rose is?
Not Rose Dawson from Titanic!
This Rose is better than any of the 'Rose's ever lived.

Let me tell you a few of Rose's awesomeness.
. She had successfully conquered High King Meen's heart
. Gone through many challenges, including VERY RISKY ones
. A great business woman. !!! She sells :
Soya Tok Man, the best soy drink in Seremban.
muslimah swimsuit,
new image products like slim diet and apha lipid.



cupcakes!! for wedding, other occasions and for fun! :)
. One Drop perfumes!
. M6 water filter
and the business soon-to-be.....
From the smallest, to the biggest that can reach 3m!!!
Cool isn't it?
psst* If you are attracted to any of those, ring my mom!! 017-6763608, yeah !

. As a mother of 4 children, of course, she made many sacrifices in many ways. Delivering, raising, cleaning (eh, she is a queen, she don't need to clean! Silly me.) and many more.

Even she is a very strict person, sometimes there is a bruise here and got pinched there, she totally is a great woman. There is no other woman like this magnificent queen, which is why, I made her my idol. The great idol of my life.

even to meet her, is a great pleasure. Living with her as a child is a VERY BIG pleasure.
Yup, Rose is my mom.
Well, who do you think?
I know she is not a REAL queen but she is the most successful human ever lived.
Also, she works as a teacher in SMV Ampangan. That is an EXTREME CHALLENGE as the students there , most of them have stone-like heads. *peace, no offence SMV Ampangan students!

AIN     .

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


YAY ! 
History folio is DONE
Hurah ! 
Just need to be passed to my history teacher.