Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Scouts Camp. 40km cycling to PD


Well, to be accurate, I was so tired.
The camp or shall I say, expedition, was on 23-24 March 2012.
Yeah, last Friday.
I cycled a total of 80 kilometers!
Okay, I can see you're annoyed there. HAHA
Allow me to tell you more about this iEXPEDITION!
lol. Who needs your permission anyway. It's my blog, isn't it?

Nothing compares to what I felt last Friday.
When the thing started, of course everyone was energized.
Every bicycle was ridden so smooth and fast.
there's a but, huh?
30 minutes cycling, I felt like I'm better off dead.

Before all of the 24 participant go cycling,
there's a short brief from some handsome policemen and the beloved father, our principle.
He was so mad when the teachers ask us to cycle with our bags on our backs.
THANK GOD, we needn't bring that damn heavy bag along.
I couldn't even take ME on the bicycle. Let alone the bag -.-
Plus, I sweated BEFORE the activity started.

We cycled off from school at 9.00 am and we reached Bayu Beach Resort in the evening.
Long duration,right?
I didn't mention from the resort to school yet.
You'll probably gag because of how late we are.

Wanna know?
It's from 3.30 pm to 8.30 pm.
5 long hours!!
psst- you know what? neither of us prayed Asar that day, except the teachers, me and Tiqah :D Oh god. You know why? There's no place! Btw, we were in the state of 'darurat'

Yes, there are TWO reasons why we were late to reach school that Saturday.
1. Our great PM was using the road that day. We need the help of the policemen but they have a more important work to do. So we have to wait.
2. ME. Yes, you read that right. They were late because of me, and my other sister who is also, quite late la..
I don't need to mention her name lah eh.
but I told her one thing " Kak, we are friends" :D Can't believe I literally said that. We never even talk or meet each other at school.

I can't describe how relieved I was when I set foot at Bayu Beach Resort.
Although I'm the 19th person to arrive aka THE LAST ONE. *sigh THAT WAS SO EMBARRASSING. The policeman and 'Ayah Safwan' must've loathe me. -.- They kept giving me support (even I don't need them, actually) the problem is a little bit at the bicycle and the rest is on me. Me. Myself. I am the problem. Not my spirit or anything.

I love love love looooooove the hotel room.
Can I say room? but it had 2 rooms in there. Never mind.
It had ASTRO!!

It was air conditioned!!!
and at least, I can rest peacefully
It lessen my pain so much.
The one on my butt, my cramped thigh, my heated sole and every part else.
with only RM 20, I slept in a very comfortable room.
In the same bed as Tiqah.
Aimi had the a single bed for herself.

Also, with RM 20, I ate food that fit for a princess. WOO

 (sorry I took the picture AFTER I ate them. HAHA)

(it's a live orchid there)

Friday evening, we saw the sun set and played by the beach.

(I know! so many pictures, right!)
Friday night and Saturday morning, the scouts was lectured by the higher ranked scouts. Even I don't understand  a thing because I was so sleepy.

Lastly, THANK YOU to EVERYONE who helped me throughout the camp. ATIQAH and AIMI, esp. ABANG GUY@SAID or whatever, CIKGU ZAINAB, THE POLICEMAN which I didn't thank the other day, ANOTHER BOY WHO GAVE ME MORAL SUPPORT, CIKGU SHAFIZAN aka Ayah Safwan, KAK ROCK and the gang and EVERYBODY ELSE. Thanks so much :)  

I think that is all, BYE!

P.S : Me, Aimi and Tiqah was the only Form 3 students participated.
love 1D,

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


PU-SA-KO URGH. Even the name sounded deathly.

I went to this camp for a ‘Kursus Kepimpinan’. It was great. Very great. I love it there. I miss that place too but I really didn’t intend to live there. I hate my sleeping place. I hate the toilet. Despite everything, it was the best camp I ever went :)

Nothing adventurous today.
We prayed Maghrib and Isyak, led by Abang Ahmad Ridzwan, the pidato boy. Oh, he is so near to perfection. Not too near but, AHHHH. You know what? I prayed while adoring his sweet voice. He recited the doa and made me cry. OMAIGOSH. I don’t know why I always wanted to cry here.
Forget to say, Pajel, Tiqah and I stayed in a tent, on the first floor. I thought it would be cool as we didn’t have to climb the stairs too much but beyond my expectations, ants filled the tent because of my OREO. I always hated ants. I HATE HATE HATE ANTS. Actually the tent is literally ON the ants’ ‘headquarters’. Indirectly, We were surrounded by ants. RED ANTS. WHY we so unlucky on the first day??? *sigh
Also, I was the tent leader which I was not supposed to be. -.- I’m in the forth group and all of us were supposed to guard the camp site from 1.00 to 1.30 AM.
Penghulu: Ahmad Ridzwan <3
Penghuluwati: Intan Rahawah

Waking up at 4.30. I had never been so sleepy. I slept for 3 hours ONLY! -.- After the Subuh prayer, En. Khusyairi gave a ‘tazkirah’. Nothing sticked in my mind. I was so sleepy. I could hear but I couldn’t understand. What I couldn’t stand (tak boleh bla) was when Atiqah slept soundly on a pile of prayer mats while me, slept on my on lap. :D
In the afternoon, we had to gather in the open hall to hear a talk about leadership and communications. It was cool you know. From now on, I can know everything about you just by looking at your eyes. HEHEHE Didn’t expect that, don’t ya?
At 2 PM, we have to go jungle trekking. Not just normal jungle trekking. We have to get in the ooze and find tiny things. Didn’t get those things? MUD ON YOUR FACE. DIRTY SMELLY MUD ON YOUR FACE. My face is covered with those, my clothes are dirty, greasy, smelly and yucky. My trousers have got tadpoles in it. I’m all wet. I TOTALLY HATE THAT SITUATION.
After Tiqah caught 5 tilapia fishes by ‘mengoca-ing’ and I found a plastic bag of sweet potato, we stopped at a stream to at last, BATHE. Thank god. I really couldn’t stand everything on me that time. I love the river. It was icy cold yet able to calm me, rinse the mud off and made me had a great time with my best friends.
At night, Georgians spent time with their own teachers, Pn. Sharifah and Mrs. Lee. We were separated into 4 groups. I was so happy Hanafi was in mine. WOOOO. :D
That night, my group made a mistake and Pn. Sharifah destroyed our tenaciously made work. We were stoned and didn’t know what to say. Pn. Sharifah asked Hanafi what he felt about what she had done. Here was a part of what he said “We know what our mistake was and we were sorry but, when you destroy our work, our hearts were destroyed as well”. I don’t know why I couldn’t contain my emotions and burst into tears. Tiny tears. HAHA. Damn. I really don’t know why. Maybe his words. Maybe his cuteness. WHAT? CUTENESS? I think I liked Hanafi a little now- and Ridzwan. HAHA. What a rush. Somehow, we, I mean, Abg Hakim and a sister made the work again and it was nice. :)
Before we sleep, Pajel also said something to me, ‘One night more and we are free from this tent suffering’. Tiqah said ‘When you are back at home, you’ll be very grateful of what you have’ and they were all true.

There was nothing exciting in the first 5 hours of living that day but at 11, we have water confidence and kayak. Pajel can’t even move in the water. What a goat. :D
Instead of kayak, I call it bumper boats as it actually bumped around instead of making real moves. Plus, Kayaking is hard! Its pedals are heavy. *sigh.
After playing in the water, we played cooperative games. At the first station, a pail of water was put in a big circle and we were given pieces of long ropes. We have to take the pail out of the circle without spilling the water in it. My group was the only one to take the bucket out. I wasn’t that proud because I wasn’t given the chance to help.
The last event, as the ending of the whole camp, was the closing ceremony. Hanafi was the MC.
Then, before I knew it, it was time to go home. The time was so short. I slept soundly in the bus. So does Pajel.
I hate how everything ended so fast….  Never mind. C’est la vie :D

Some quotes:

#1 rule of leadership. EVERYTHING IS YOUR FAULT.
(I heard it this morning on the bug's life)

What goes around, comes around

Believe that you ARE a leader. 
( I don't know :/)

Before starting this, think. Are you qualified to be a leader?
(I told you I don't know!)

If we want someone to respect, love or do anything to us, make the first move
P.S: I finished reading The Hunger Games and can't wait to watch the movie. IT WAS SO AWESOME! CAN'T WAIT CAN'T WAIT!!!
P.P.S: Thank you Fadzlin for always being with me through thick and thin. Thick and thin? Is there even? HAHAH. Thanks, love you. Read her post here
love 1D,

The end of this early year test

Alhamdulillah.. :)
At least some of the load is off my head! WOOO!

I answered every paper with full care yet still filling the lead in wrong alphabet holes -.-
but that is not what I want to tell you.
This is something about the last day of exam, a Thursday.
We have Sivik.

The test was at 12.10 to 1.10
you know what it sounded like right?

Ya know, I finished the test at 12.34.08 and without even checking anything, I dozed off;
so did most of everyone else.
The class was so so so so quiet and no one moved an inch.
The only thing you might hear was the time ticking on your watch.

When the teacher says
Everyone startled and woke up.
I found that part funny. HAHA
From the statement up there, we can conclude that students in 3 Alau are light sleepers, except for two. Wanna know who?
My dearest Dinie and Taufiq.

Although Dinie hated the fact that she was seated beside Taufiq with a gap in the middle.
and, I know why.
Taufiq got flu and she got it as well.
But, how can that happen?
Are they THAT close until they can catch one another a cold?
And there is another thing they did the same.

When teacher is picking up everyone's question and answer papers, those two are still not awake. But the teacher can easily pick up Taufiq's since he put them aside.
On the contrary, the teacher faced trouble with Dinie as she slept ON her papers.
What made the situation worse was she's a heavy sleeper.
Shaking will never wake her up. After a few tries, she finally woke up.

and you guessed it.
She drooled. (Dinie, I'm so sorry I wrote this in my blog. It's just too epic :D)

Thank god nothing happened to the OMR sheet.
but for the question paper, it was drenched.

Of course, she told me she was ashamed. :D No worries my friend, everyone drools- sometimes :)
She also asked me who noticed the all saliva thingy?
so I answered the teacher, (she made an ashamed face)
Aida, because she collected the paper (the embarrassed face again) 
me, and um, probably everyone else because you're really hard to wake.
OH, except Taufiq because he was still asleep when everything happened.
He missed the party. I'm sorry for him. :D

:) All this is just another sweet memory to keep.
Plus, I once drooled too :D but, Dinie was the only one to see it.

P.S: A little bit more to finish The Hunger Games!!!

love 1D,