Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tirism Rules!

I was deaded , fagged and extremely exhausted!
The cross- country this year is quite the same as last year..
I didn't update yesterday because as I was saying,
I'm very very very tired...
I feel like sleeping all day!
You know what? I got the 37th place.. just the same as last year's
My mom and Aina said it was a lucky number..

Today, I am having an extreme pain!
I didn't feel it yesterday but now,
I can't even 'rukuk' properly!
I hope it will not last until
or, I can't imagine how hard Dinie's life will be
By the way, I had great fun
especially with my clone...
I know everything has a silver lining...
Oh yes, at least I am much faster than 'him' who got number 71!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

What a day!

Hey guys!
You know what?
My appointment with the dentist was actually yesterday, 16.2.2011 not today 17.2.2011!
What am I going to do now?
I'm so absent-minded!
Now what?
Oh yes! I knew this thing at 8pm yesterday!
GOD HELP ME! Another appointment is on 29.3.2011!

Well, maybe theres a silver lining, right?
I know! Maybe god gave me the chance to watch Chuggington
He gave me time to study...
Whatever it is..
DINIE! Don't forget to pick up your phone
because I'm calling you on 3pm SHARP!
P.S: My father even scold me! (sigh sigh sigh)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Latest informations!! (Part 3)

My class wasn't so bad until now. Cikgu Izhar had a new trade mark : KUYAK!
It was funny at the first until the tenth time but not when everyone was saying it. Aniq even created: 'Kuyak bola orang', 'tampar bola orang', etc. and Aiman, Deva and Taufiq just laugh at those unfunny jokes. I DON'T GET IT. -.-.......

Kenneth was still in his own ways and he did always did something unexpected. ( He should have said hello first!!!)What I can't forget is that he pulled me to a dangerous place and threw me in that freaking place! I hate it but in the same time, it was one of my great memories...
I. I mean, EVERYONE in the class also did some 'magic touch' to the class today. Thank you for all the cooperation given... I really hope my class won the 'Keceriaan Kelas' even I know the 2 Hishamuddinians will say "NOT A CHANCE!" oror " It won't gonna happen" or anything in common....

Well, Dinie and Aina caught me imagining. (Repeat, IMAGINING not daydreaming they are not the same.)and I told them that I have a high imagination. Even higher than Burj Khalifa
and even Mount Everest!
see, I'm imagining again!
Guys, just let me live in my imagination and fantasy world. I'm worried if you don't, you might get into it as well.

So guys, I sure all of you are happy in your own classes. I know Atiqah will agree 100%.
Enjoy your school days and don't leave me like 'a frog underneath a coconut shell' . If theres any latest issue or info or even 'SECRETSSSS', tell me cause I'm a good listener (not like Dinie who thinks my stories are boring).

P.S : Actually, I don't want to be a person that knows something 1 year after everyone knows. I'm SICK OF IT.
P.P.S.: Whatever it is, I love Atiqah so much and I'm sorry. CLONES FOREVER

the one that writes,

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cool? Funny? Amazing? I don't know what to say.

Hey, will the world hear this?
If it do, the world will know Malaysia even better.
It's quite funny when Maher Zain sing the song. You know, BM has longer words so, the English version is more profound than the BM one.
Whatever it is, I like this song quite much.
OH YES! I removed my song for a little while so all of you can hear this song. :))