- Ainatul Mardhiah


Hey there. Are you lost? Oh, don't worry I can get you out of here. You see that red button at the top right of your screen? Yeah, click there. You're welcome.
Wait, you are saying you aren't lost? Well, I guess you're here for a little introduction.
Here goes nothing.
My name is,.. um, you know it's up there ^^^. My age is, I am so not ready for this. Am I an adult? Is this adulthood? MOM!!! 
Okay, whatever. I'm 19. Though averagely shorter than a 12 year old. I'm in college. I used to attend SMK King George V and SM Sains Rembau. When I finished SPM, I was in cloud 9. Imagining I will be lazing at home, watch TV all day, SLEEP. Oh, those days. Trust me, they will end before you know it.  
Right now, I think I will be studying hard. Oh Allah, give me strength. I really want to pursue my studies in Germany. And you there! Please pray for me. 
What more should I say? 
Oh yes, I want to talk about my glorious achievements. First, I can't believe I am accepted into college without a single sports certificate! YAY! You know how there are people who excel in many sports at once like badminton and squash and swimming...... I am the exact opposite. Second, due to my first achievement, I am now a home to 45 pounds of fat, who did nothing but made me heavier. Good job, guys. At least make me warm or something -,-. I hate you.
So yeah, that's all about me, I guess. I am nothing much. Just a speck of dust in this infinite universe. Maybe smaller. Aren't we all? That doesn't matter.What matters is we do our best to look big in Allah's eyes. :)
May peace be upon you.

Here are pictures of me, I recommend you not to scroll any further but you know, the generation nowadays are so rebellious. 
Scroll at your own risk, kay. Good day.





Sirius is
the brightest star known. :D
Who will be my Sirius in life? (Well probably no one)
Also, Adonis. I'm looking for Adonis.