Monday, November 16, 2015

KL Bird Park

Yet another class trip! Wehee Alhamdulillah! It was led by Frau Katarina and we had fun watching birds we haven't seen before because well, basically there are just a few pigeons around here in Petaling Jaya and I saw their poop more than the birds themselves. The entrance fee is shockingly cheap, compared to the National Zoo. Fyi, this is the largest bird park in the world; an interesting fact to be proud of.
It was very hot and we were tired but during a break, the generous Miss Katarina bought us Cornetto ice creams! At the end of the day, we gained a lot of information about birds. Whether they stayed in our heads or not, it's another story, haha XD

Noch eine Klassfahrt! Wehee Alhamdulillah! Es wurde von Frau Katarina geführt und wir hatten Spaß, als wir die Vögel sahen, die wir nie gesehen haben. Weil eigentlich gibt es nur eigene Tauben hier in Petaling Jaya und ich sah ihre Scheiße mehr als die Vögel. Der Eintritt ist billiger als in Zoo Negara. FdI, dieser Vögelpark ist der größte Voegelpark der Welt; eine interessante Tatsache, um stolz zu sein.
Es war sehr heiß und wir waren müde, aber während einer Pause, die großzügige Katarina kaufte uns Cornetto Eis! Am Ende des Tages, hatten wir viele Informationen über Vögel. Ob sie blieben in unseren Köpfen oder nicht, es ist eine andere Geschichte, haha XD

 (the pretty pretty Miss Katarina)

(der Papagei!)

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Mein erstes Deutschbuch

Learning German is fun! You guys really should try it. Ich empfehle euch herzlich! Also, hier ist mein erstes Deutschbuch. Schau mal! Wirklich nett, oder?!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Die Feier

WEHEE! Eid is here! SELAMAT HARI RAYA to you guys!
May you have a blessed-low-calorie month!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

First few weeks @ KBU

Guten Tag!
I am now a legal student in KBU International College or First City University (or so in the future). I will be taking AUSMAT but it will only be Geman and English classes this year. I heard that the AUSMAT is dang hard, the seniors are on the verge of dying. Lol, I don't know. I didn't ask them. I was exaggerating-ha-ha, but it's not easy though, of course, nothing comes easy in this world, especially success. Life here is quite good, the seniors are nice (although the wifi is *cough cough*, oh, nothing)
The first few weeks has been very productive . It was filled with KL strolling (and German classes),

not to mention, tarawikh (and German classes), birthdays (and German classes)

and most importantly, selfies (and German classes), Eheheh.

Then all of these pictures were took during a fire drill. Who cares about the fire? Selfies are more important, lol :D

Also, Mom did so much for me, providing my every need, granting my wishes and even cooked my fovourite dishes every week. Vielen Dank, Mutter.

(Mom cooked KFC too hihi XD)
Das ist alles
P/S: The post is actually for picture posting purposes XD