Wednesday, March 25, 2015

JPA Interview went well

Well, well, look at me. Enjoying interviews.
That's right, I did.
I did?

Last Thursday, when I found out that I will be having an interview, I WAS TERRIFIED. Why? Not because I'm worried about the interview, i mean, that, too but what's more terrifying is they asked me to wear sports attire! Hell, no. The last time I ran one meter per second was in high school. Any thought of running never occurred since. Also, I was anxious that they might calculate your heart beat rate, Body Mass Index or something. If so, I would be doomed. Failure would be certain because I know I'm overweight. For a person with a height of 148cm, I should be 38 kilos or less! And we all know that I am not. Being the panic girl I am, I stopped eating rice for a week. I didn't know what I was thinking because I know I will never lose a few kilos in a week just by doing that. It's fascinating how the opposite is as easy as eating pie. At least I shed a few milligrams. That's an achievement.

The day came and it was NOTHING like I imagined. I heaved a sigh of relief. No sports involved, thank God. The only purpose is so that we can move around comfortably since we have to sit on the floor and such.~Phew~

To tell the truth, this interview is so much better than the last one. I actually had fun! We (me, fellow interviewee and Mr. Interviewers) laughed. Genuine ones. The interviewers didn't make fun of people and I love them for that. From the registration to the real interview, everyone was so kind. I might not have a chance saying this yesterday but to all of you involved in JPA interview at UiTM S3 yesterday, 고마워. 진짜.

So just fyi, there was about 50 smart handsome pretty nice hopeful straight A's students who went to the interview. Since I was there for JPA Engineering courses so, most were boys. I was quite worried if I couldn't work and get along with boys well but it turned out okay! Basically, about 50 students were divided into 2 big groups. One big group was divided into 2 small groups. I was in Kelompok 2, Group 2.

Other than that, it was delightful seeing my georgian friends there. Chai, Sonia, Aashwini, Zaidi too. Oh, I so miss him. Remember this guy
he is so much taller now. Taller than I expected. Good to see you, guys.
1. I was the only Malay girl in my group
2. Out of 10 people, 3 were girls
3. Chai and I were like long lost friends though we rarely talked back then. LOL
4.  I made a friend named Izzy!
5. Okay, these aren't fun facts
6. You can stop reading now. Farewell.

Another Nerve-wrecking Interview

I was called for an interview at Putrajaya. It was from.. is it safe to say it here? I think I shouldn't. It's not like I'm going to say something horrible or whatever, just, it's better not to. Okay
that morning, woke up early, wore prep clothes (I still call baju kurung prep clothes because they are), prayed and did whatever you usually do when you're going to be interviewed. During UTP interview, I stayed a night there because it was so far away in Perak but since this one only took 1 hour from Seremban, I didn't need to! 다행 이다!
Just as I set foot in that particular hotel, my heart pounded like King Kong in rage on the Empire State Building. Why did you even do that, heart? I hate you for that. Even during talks and breaks, MY HEART DID NOT STOP DOING THAT ANNOYING THING! I know it's normal for human (am I even human) but my kind of nervousness is when I get one, I feel like I'm drowning the Pain-ific Ocean. 모리가 아바서, 배가 아바서. 아무도 아바서!! My head hurts, my stomach hurts, EVERYTHING HURTS! How dare they defy their ultimate master. 

Skipping the tedious parts, I then was asked to wait in front of the interview room ALONE. I sometimes heard roaring laughter from the room and I began to feel a little calmer thinking 'wow, they must be nice people, making jokes and all' and boy was I WRONG! Very wrong indeed. Maybe I was right, they were nice people, how can I ever judge? But making jokes? Maybe with other people but not with me. They didn't make a funny joke about how the chicken crossed the road but the joke was on me. Let me ask you, how would you feel if 4 powerful giants with mallets in their hand, ready to strike an elf like you, maiming you with words that hurt more than their mallets. If it was me, I would soak my pants out of terror. But know what? I didn't. I wanted to cry my heart out. Why were they doing this to me? It would be better if they just hit me flat with that big mallets of theirs but they hurt me with words instead. 

They made fun of the way I talk, they made fun of my teacher, they made fun of my teeth, they intentionally find my every flaw and made a joke out of it.
I know, it was their job. To find the most worthy person for the scholarship. They did it on purpose. I wasn't ready because no one had ever warned me about provoking interviewers before. 
Well now, I am warning you.

Sigh, I don't need to anyway. You guys are strong people whose hearts aren't easily broken like me. I don't know, I'm just starting to doubt myself. This is just a small interview, how can I survive Petronas or JPA later? I'm just going to do my best. If I don't get any scholarship (though it's my heart's biggest desire), I will be accepting it with an open heart. Allah surely had written a better destiny for me.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Of SPM and Graduation Day

It was like 3 weeks ago? I'm so oblivious of the time since I live in my own house now (my parent's house, I mean) where time flows as rapid as water down a waterfall. Well, fyi, my kind of time is so different than yours. In school, one week feels like a month. Wait, no. One week IS a month. At home, one day IS an hour. Yes. That's the truth. Believe it or not. AND IT WAS JUST YESTERDAY I HAD MY LAST DAY OF HIGH SCHOOL and now SPM results were out. I don't even know what to believe anymore. Also, I can assure you, in a few weeks I'll be registering for some kind of university or matriculation college or whatever God had written for me. It will be that soon.
So, cutting the crap, here's some pictures.
 (with cool girl, Alin)

 To all of you SPM candidates 2014, congratulations. Whatever your result may be, you did your best and you did great. There will always be opportunities for us, we just have to strike the iron while it's hot.
First time experiencing that red robe thing. Next time, I want a mortar board.