Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hell Canteen

I despise
I disgust
I loathe
I detest

I don't care. I can't stand it anymore.
I don't care. Sue me, even.

I hate the canteen with all my heart.
You'll hate it as much as I do, trust me.
I like the toilet better, seriously.

Why I hate that place-which-should-not-be-named :

1. THE FOOD IS NOT AT ALL DELICIOUS. (well, except the cheese bread but apart from that, EVERYTHING) Students don't even have a choice to buy or not to buy because there is no other canteen!
2. THE FOOD IS COSTLY. As if VIPs are eating there. HELLOOOO. I'm not a rich girl here. For me, those food are un-affordable. With just a few notes a day, how can I save? YOU FOOL.
3. THE HELL IS OBVIOUSLY NOT SO CLEAN. It is clean actually but I don't know, I don't seem to think it is.
4. IT IS ALWAYS CROWDED. WHY? It's so weird OHMYGOD! I hate crowded places. I'm 10% claustrophobic- I guess.
5. THE WORKERS ARE UNFRIENDLY. They don't even say 'thank you'! NOT EVEN ONCE, okay. AND, NO SMILES were seen since I step foot.
AND LASTLY, BECAUSE IT IS NOT WORTH IT. It is just isn't. The only good I find the canteen is it stops Dinie's 'hunger shiver' and I can refill my water bottle. -.-

P.S: I'm sorry for all the shoutings and ill-manners. Please don't take it too seriously because you know, I love my school. It's just that, that... URGH.
P.P.S: Nothing were harmed during the making of this post. K bye

love 1D,

0 <--I know it is zero: