Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Lost Voice

Dear voice,
                   the literally, lost. Voice. Please come home
the hurt me

Yo guys! so, are you reading this with my voice?
Good then cause it's the only way you can hear it.
Don't know when will it come back....

btw, being mute is not that bad, you know, it is bad if you're muted forever but if it's a few days, I kinda like it :D haha well... without the pain of course.
There are things that I don't like too like not being able to tell what we feel and I have to keep EVERYTHING in silent unless it's important. It hurts too you know. Quite a lot. Like I said earlier.

This sore..

It's painful even to swallow your saliva.

My mother knew what I felt so she made me a very delicious porridge <3
I love how that warm thing soothes my pain. I want it to stay in my throat forever. I mean, until I'm good again.
Oh, and I think it's AWESOME to learn sign language. It is SO cool.

For this past few days, I had been drinking (water) so much like 3.5 litres a day! Not to mention how I spent 2 minutes in the toilet just to pee..

love 1D,

0 <--I know it is zero: