Saturday, February 9, 2013

Never worse

FUYOOO... Okay.

Hey there.
First ten days in SBP was bad.
I hate it. So much.
I don't know if I'll get better but I don't like it.
Homesick the whole time, crying every night, lonely like never before.
The last time I had no friends was when I entered preschool. I wailed in grief. Now history repeats. I had no friends again, I wailed and weeped and shouted and bawled; inside.

This is how my life went.

Waking up at 4am:

Having class from 7am to 5pm:

In class:

In the surau:

In the Dewan Makan:

Alienated by dormmates:

Going to sleep:

Telling you about my friends in SBP, there is this girl who share the same hate I have. Her name is Aina Farhana. She wears a.. mini telekung you know the long thing thigy whatever but she is not like she looks like :D I mean, not bad .She's funny and not so muslimah like what I first thought. Imean, she IS muslimah but you know not the kind that 'Allahuakbar's in her every step. She easily get along with people and I kind of like her. 
and then there's this girl named Alin. I really wanted to be her friend or close friend in the future because of my first impression of her. She looks so nice and cute and I have that Fadzlin-like feeling when I'm with her. They share the same nickname! Although no one can be my Pajel, she can be my Alin HAHA okay. Then there's this girl, she who should not be named, SHE TOOK HER AWAY FROM ME! Things were going right until one evening in the DM or dewan makan, this Voldemort girl said (translated) 'We did not share the same class, dorm, house or anything but I don't know why I'm very close to her. When I do anything, I'll be automatically looking for her' and inside I was like EWW EWW PEWW PEEWW SHE'S MINE VOLDEMORT and then, after few days, I realised maybe she wasn't meant to be my close friend in SBP, even when we lived near each other. I'm in KP5; she's KP4. But still, I waited for her to go for Subuh prayer and she waited for me to perform Asar prayer, and little cute things we did together... Okay that sounds wrong. Either way, Alhamdulillah, thank god that Voldy isn't in the same house as mine and Alin's.

P/S: I believe every cloud has a silver lining. Maybe this is what most homesick people will do. If they can survive in that school for 3 years already, why can't I? I'll try my best, Insya-Allah. My family did so much for this opportunity. Here, I want to be the passive one, you know. I only want people to know me when I constantly get number one HAHAHA. I'll kill you all with my geniusness.

Okay, these are just pictures I would like to share because they are terribly true and looked nice. K bye.

P/P/S: I'm not trying to be an attention whore. I just wanted to tell you how I feel. Please don't think of me badly. I respect your problems too :)


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