Friday, July 12, 2013

Sukan Semesra

Assalamualaikum! and a very good day I bid to my family, dedicated blog readers, readers, and fellow you.
HAHA. Did it work? I tried to sound like the prefect at school on morning assembly. Honestly, I really want to be an english MC for at least once. I never did such things. How can I when I'm not even 'somebody' in school.
Okay. Major point: Sport's Day. Quite fun. This year, it's Kelana Petra, Lela Maharaja, Johan Pahlawan and Akhirul Zaman instead of Sheikh Ahmad, Braddon, Meade and Seng Long; plus Abdul Malik.
I believe my sport's life is kind of a curse. You see from elementary school, till now. I never won anything, I'm always in the worst troop and my group will lose at tent embellishing. Well, except Braddon. In KGV, since I'm in form 1 till form 3, Braddon is always champion-letting out the tent designing. Unfortunately for this year, I heard Braddon lost. WAHAHA. Maybe it's because many awesome four formers like me walked away. Okay Ainatul don't be narcissistic. Like what Myzee always say, 'ujub bhai'. lol. kay. Fyi, this is Myzee.
Here are some pictures I managed to shoot.
First and foremost, my sport's team, KP

Then Lela Maharaja. They won most competitions but they suck at olahraga. HAHA. Bad luck, LMs. This is Durra's sport's team.
 (Heller in yellow. But he said the real spelling of his name is Hele, IDK)

 (Amir Hamzah, LM Master)
(Durra on the right)

Akhirul Zaman, Dinie's house. In aspuri, this house is on the ground floor. Me, KP is on the topmost floor. Opposite did attract, didn't it?

 (Maizatul, my very cute fun friend)

AZ was really nice. Sadly, LM was nicer. Okay, last but not least, the winner for this year AND since SEMESRA was built, Johan Pahlawan.

That's it then. Danke Schon!

 (I see Dinie)

P/S: Happy fasting! Assalamualaikum!

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