Friday, October 11, 2013

Guten tag chingu desu!
Hamik kau
All three languages. HAHA. Okay. I actually don't quite know what to say but all I can say is I miss my mom. and dad.
So much. I really can't describe it and believe it or not, I am in the process of loving my new school! NEW? It has been 9 months laaah... but I still write the same story, I know. Whatever it is, life must go on. Find a new happiness. Okay, so, I have been obsessing, more like fantasizing, over this lovely man, I told you in my older post. This guy is in a group and I have been sharing this love with my awesome dormmate, Nabilah a.k.a BaekHee. Well, I know about lagha and stuff but it is this thing that makes me happy when I'm stressed and sad. I got stressed and sad often, okay.
You know about the selaras SBP exam, Oh God, it is tough and I want to run away from it. But you know what, the way to run away from a problem is to face the problem.
Guys, I sure will bring camera to school maybe in the last week of school so wait for the pictures of my genius friends from SEMESRA....Before that, bear mine first. HAHAHA

I know I'm a potato. No, no a burnt potato Black, squishy and fat. ANNYEONG!
널 항상 사랑할께.. Neol hangsang saranghage! I will always love you!


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