Saturday, May 3, 2014

SEMESRA's Open Day 2014

So this year, Open Day is much better because---->
- It is under Zealous
- The walls are painted with picturesque murals
- More bussiness means more food variety and more monehhh.
- Many people came; parents and other SBP students.
- I was there.

5 Bandura sold Takoyaki. It is really delicious YOU MUST TEGHAI!
 (lesson from master)
 (Durra the hardworking)

 (Golden Bandura Tako)

(Best promoter)
 (Gorgeous models)

Our rivals:
5 Galileo

 5 Davinci

 Kelana Petra, my own house but still,...

 Johan Pahlawan
 Then Aspura. Aspura is really weird. It is the opposite of Aspuri. Quite nice but Aspuri is NICER!


That is all.
Last but not least, love your school
no matter how far in the woods it is.

0 <--I know it is zero: