Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The loss

 I was appalled by the news that my neighbour whom I used to learn to read Quran with was no longer alive. She was just a neighbour you might say. Yes, she was just a neighbour who looked after our house when my family was away, watered our plants with love and care and of course as I said earlier, taught me the essentials of reading Quran.
The unfortunate incident happen when I was in tuition. My tuition classmates were celebrating the last day of tuition with eating sate, impit rice and it's gravy. Enjoying the last day yet sad to depart with friends we barely knew. But that night, I had an upset stomach. On a scale of 1 to 10, it was quite a 3. So I did not eat even one of the sates. I was also not in the mood and was emotional. Friend problems, see. Lucky for me, I didn't laugh or had joy so much because that will make me guiltier. I already felt so when I hadn't meet her even when she was always in the house just on the left of mine.
This grandma used to live alone but after the sickness got worse, you know, what normal elderly people had, her children paid for a maid and one of this grandmother's granddaughter lived with her. This granddaughter however, is a little mentally disabled. I came to wonder, why didn't one of her children take care of her since she was, of course their one and only mother. From my experience, I know that mothers, the older they are, more sensitive they get. Then it came to sense. Her children were all working. They need money to eat.If they don't eat they'll starve and die, but money did not just settle everything. They paid the maid to take care of this gran but little did they know, this maid was not as it seems. She took the granny for granted. I know, death is in God's hands but if the maid did a little better in taking care of the grandma, she maybe would have lived longer.
The children rarely visited this grandma and when asked she'll always, "It's okay, they have lots of better work to do than taking care of me".
 I sighed.
So the story is, this grandma who could barely stand and walk gathered all her might to go to the kitchen to get a cup of water. The maid, being a statue in the house, did not even offered help and let her walk alone. Fate wrote that she fell and went unconscious. The maid and the granddaughter heard the bump and was shocked to see the grandmother. Didn't know what to do, she knocked on my door, no, banged on my door until the door felt like loosing from its hinges. Frantically, she told my mother and my mother rushed to help. When this incident happen, I was in tuition.
After the tuition ended and I knew the story, my family and I went next door to read Yasin for the grandma. Tears inevitably spilled all the time I was there. It also touched me that on the main wall, held pictures of this grandmother's children. All ten of them. Most of it was on their graduation day. I bet she often stares at them, wishing them the best in life for she cared her children more than herself. Then I wonder, do the children held their mother's pictures on their walls?
I shed more tears.
After a while, my mom took a look at the house, how it had been going. She was also flabbergasted to see that the dish on the table had produced bubbles. When asked the maid said she just cooked it this evening. What a dreadful lie! I, too am disappointed with the maid.

All of this reminds me of death, which is something I don't remember everyday. It will happen to all of us. The ones we love and we ourselves. It also made me promise not to let my mom face situations like these. I hope I will be a good girl, ready to sacriface for my mother for she had been sacrificing not just money and strength but her life and everything in her power to raise me and my siblings, her children.
Al-fatihah to my lovely neighbour

P/s:  The story above is indeed real but some changes had been made to make the story better :)

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