Thursday, February 12, 2015

MAIGADDD... UTP is breathtakingly amazing.

Hello there non-existing readers. Assalamualaikum. So it happened that I was called for an interview for a foundation at UTP. AND THAT IS UNIVERSITI TEKNOLOGI PETRONAS, PEOPLE! My dream university in Malaysiaaaaaaaa!!! No, don't think greatly about me. Everyone who applied was called, even you, if you applied. Or am I being narcissistic here? Okay, whatever. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.....
UTP IS MAGNIFICENT! I wonder how Cambridge, Oxford, etc. would be. Oh, and how would heaven be? OH GODDD!!!
Forgive my over excited lunatic behaviour. Fyi, this was my first ever real interview. Believe it, or not. Here are pictures of how UTP looks like but truthfully, my eyes saw better than those pictures. 

Since the interview started at 7.30 in the morning, I had to spend the night at Bandar Seri Iskandar the day before because you don't want to be late for your first interview of your life. Lucky for my dad and I, budget hotels were all over the place and here was where we stayed. It was comfy and nice but the morning after that, MY BACK ACHED. I don't know what the bed did to me but I wasn't in the mood to be cranky on the day of my first interview of my life.

Queuing to get into the Chancellor Hall.
At the end of the day, I did okay. I won't say great because I know I didn't do great. I just shot some answers and I am definitely not a good shooter and when the interviewer asked me stuff I just babbled what was in my head like bla bla bla bang bang bang pew pew pew.
The best part of the trip was meeting my Georgian long lost friends!!! Especially Aina Fatihah and Aina Fatnin. Dang, I miss them. A lot.
here's the library. Yes, the whole building.

On my way back, guess where I stopped.
Kellie's Castle! It was so near to UTP, I just seized the chance. I won't ever know when can I go to Perak again, right?
As if inseparable, I met Durra AGAIN at Kellie's Castle.

I think that is all, thank you for spending me time reading this post. Neomu kamsahaeyo. Till then.

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