Thursday, May 7, 2015

Hill Park and Malacca tour

Finally I have something to share! For my fellow friends who most have been living in Seremban since birth, have you heard of Hill Park? I hadn't since last Friday! You must be wondering, why the heck would I go there? Is it that cool? How cool can a park be? A park will always be a park. It's not like there are trees that bear doughnuts or something. Well, of course but you know what? WHY NOT? It's pretty cool! There are no doughnuts but there are dinosaurs! Though I was upset they aren't real ones :(.
Parks are also a good place to exercise especially Hill Park because 2 kilometres before reaching it, no vehicle is allowed to pass. Meaning you have to walk there. I mean, hike because it is a freaking hill!
Hill Park has a great view and a fun looking playground. It was fun looking because I couldn't actually feel the fun. This park is so full of security guards, they annoyed me; until today. I just wanted to try, I am not THAT fat, you know like my 12 year old sister is heavier than me. It's not like I'll break it or something DUHHH...
Well, that was the only thing I wasn't satisfied about the park. Everything else was superb.

Now fasten your imaginary seatbelts and hold on very very tight because nowwwwwww..... we're driving at breaknecking speed to.. MELAKA!
YAY! We have arrived safe and sound.
Oh, look, it's the Taming Sari Tower! (ooohh) At your right, that is the famous Dataran Pahlawan! (aaaah) And that peculiar looking house over there, it's the upside down gallery! (wow!)

This post turned from an essay to a choral speaking in ten seconds. And I really need to work out my choral scripting

Did you know, there is a bus hotel in Melaka? Old buses were transformed 99% into a decent place to stay. One night costs RM 120. Quite a sum but it's worth the experience!

(even the toilet was once a bus!)

Enough of buses, now let's talk about a more interesting vehicle *drum roll* SUBMARINES!! Wait, is submarine a vehicle? No, it's not, it's a vessel but who cares.
Okay for you who haven't seen a submarine before, (seeing it online doesn't count) this vessel is HUGE! You can build a mall there. Ironically, inside the submarine is very cramped. You can barely fit the whole crew. I am so amazed they did. Highest salutation to you, marine soldiers!

( That's Flor De La Mar behind us. Oh, wow! I remembered its name!)
So that's the end of our Malacca tour. I went to Malacca countless of times in my life but this is the first time it was this exciting, haha!
In the future, I really hope my family can afford going to A Famosa.
P/S: Please forgive my childish behaviour throughout this post.

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