Friday, October 28, 2016

Geburtstag (6940 days)

Never in my life had I thought that I would post anything about my birthday. I never even THOUGHT someone (other than my family) would celebrate it for me. For all these years, I made the (many returns tag) for my friends. And well, for the first time in forever, here you go, my birthday. I'm blessed. Although  staying in this hell hole for more than a year is arduous, some people just made you glad that you're alive.

Nie in meinem Leben hatte ich gedacht, dass ich über meinen Geburtstag posten würde. Ich habe NIEMALS gedacht, dass jemand (außer meiner Familie) ihn für mich feiern würde. All die Jahre lang habe ich die (viele returns tag) für meine Freunde gemacht. Zum ersten Mal in einer Ewigkeit, na ja, hier ist mein Geburtstag. Ich bin gesegnet. Obwohl der Aufenthalt in dieser Dreckloch für mehr als ein Jahr anstrengend ist, einige Leute machten du froh, dass du am Leben bist.

Special thanks to Tan Jie Yi for your hardwork planning. Also to Ang Jing Hao, Akid Ameri, Jim Lee, Sherry Hisham, Syafiqah Zunaidi, Amierul Afiq, Jack Lee <3
and Lee Sheue Wen who coundn't come T^T
I got a lot of messages too (not to forget an essay), from kind friends (especially Dinie, Fadzlin, Nabilah Jais, Durra). I miss them so much. They are so far away. I have so much to say but they are so far away. Thank you friends and family. I will never forget this. 
Best birthday yet.

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AinAthirah Anuar said... [Reply to comment]

Happy belated birthday my dear. Your friends ramai chinese kan? Bestnyaaaaa

Kaneki 태 Mardhiah said... [Reply to comment]

EHEHEE THANK YOUUU. Ramai tu takdela ramai haha. Alhamdulillah ada yg sudi jadi kawan saya hehe. (Sbb saya annoying XD)