Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Frankfurt and Eid

Soooo the first Raya without family. None. Zero. Not even one. Nuh-uh. Okay you get it. I'm pretty sad. Well, no, I am so overwhelmingly sad, that even when I had a few happy hours in Frankfurt with my friends, it is safe to say that this has been the most sorrowful Eid I have ever had in my life. Is worse to come? :,) well let's all wait and see because I am pretty sure that no Raya dates in the next 5 years collide with my Semester break which meannnnnsss there is a fat chance that I will be celebrating Raya with my family anytime soon. *cries cries* *screams* *bawling my eyes out*
Okay, sooo
nevertheless, I was very grateful that my package from Malaysia came :,). Mother sent exquisite Baju Raya(s) and all these other cool stuff from Malaysia like Maggi and Milo and instant ketupat and coconut milk and what's that you said? Those are normal everyday food that you can get from the store 5 minutes away from your house? Well in Germany, zhose are gems. Nein, more valuable zhan gems. Zhose are rare gemsssss (*laughs in german)
Okay sooo to make story short, I was terribly sad (yeah I said that a thousand times) and on the raya night, I tried to call my parents but they didnt have internet so the very very kind en. Syarqawi (JPA officer) lent me his phone and I called Malaysia and cried a Rhein river, (well I mean Donau river becuase Donau is longer than Rhein) and did I mention I was enveloped with gloom? Furthermore my grandmother was hospitalized (again) that raya dawn and I just heard these sweet voices of my mom, my father, grandfather, uncle, and all of those tears just can't stop. I used most of the liquid in my body to secrete it through my eyes and guess who had two big swollen eyesss. ME. So yeah, that is how it went. I hope my grandmother gains strength again. I hope she survives this battle. And I hope I will survive my battle, here in Germany, no matter how hard it will be, I just hope I make it.

Some raya pics

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