Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Wie die Zeit vergeht. Time flies so fast that I am now finally entering university (other people are already in their 3rd Semester but it's okay haha). Well, it has been a month since I became an official student in Hochschule Augsburg (University of Applied Sciences Augsburg). People would've struggled with these 5 subjects that I take but crazy me added 2 more subjects to that burden which are chinese and korean. That was a stupid idea, I KNOW! But I just love these languages I can't give up on either of them. When I know my school offered these courses, I can't help but enroll. That is why I don't actually tell that to people bcs every person I tell it to, they have the 'you sure you're gonna make it?' face. Well, guess what, I don't know either. Haha. I will just try anyway.
Truthfully, I fell in love with Augsburg on the first day. Is it because it's pretty? Is it because it's serene? Or is it because I was warmly welcomed by a really nice girl? It's all of them! Most shops are just a walk away. And the best part is my apartment is just beside the HS. Score! It is such a small city, complete with everything the people need. I can rant on and on for 30 minutes about Augsburg but I'm not gonna do that now.
P/S: we have wifi on trams
Okay so other than that, I have been struggling with my german language. I thought I was good, but nooo i was 100 miles far from that. I did not. Understand. A word. I mean, I can understand a few words in the sentence but not the sentence as whole bcs my brain needs to work so fast and I am not yet capable of that. Despite that, I am still clinging onto my Malaysian friends haha. Actually not because I don't want to find German friends, but they are really tough cookies to crack. I don't really mind not having a lot of friends, I might just be nuisance to them, you know.  But of course I have a few that I can talk to though. And I think that's enough haha.
Lately I think I am infected by a disease called 'lazinossporosis'. On Thursday I was like 'I'm gonna make full use in these 2 days! I'm gonna learn Werkstofftechnik, watch educational youtube videos, learn back all the notes ... (2 minutes later).. clean my room, call my friends...
Actually me on weekends: Play sims and watch drama all day.
Me on Monday: (wailing) I SHOULDVE USED MY WEEKEND WISELY *cry cry cry*
Then repeat.
Yeah. That's the reality of my life.
So to close this post, here are some pictures

(Bcs i miss herrr)

(River flowing under the Cafeteria)

(At chuseok festival hehe)

6 <--I know it is zero:

Julia Tarmidi said... [Reply to comment]

Salam singgah dan follow sini :)

Jemput join segmen GA saya ya,


Tasya said... [Reply to comment]

Why the CBOX rusak? hehehe terimakasih pujiannya akak, blog akak pun bagus pulak. Iya? Idols i loveeee

Chipiet♥ said... [Reply to comment]

hiks.. keinget gagal kul keluar....
btw, sukses ya sist.... keep blogging


Nur Azian Jaafar said... [Reply to comment]

alaa bestnya.. teringin nak pegi sana !

Ika.S said... [Reply to comment]

lawanya sightseeing :D

Jasmine Amoora said... [Reply to comment]

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