Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Terengganu Flashback

 Hi guys! As you all knew that I went to Terengganu last Saturday. The journey took about 8 hours and that was quite a while but it was fine for me because I love to travel in car. That is because I feel like sleeping in a cradle. I miss my mom rocking me in a cradle...

When I was at Terengganu, I saw many unfamiliar scenery. Its not that I saw aliens or whatever. It DID happen but not ALWAYS. Like this one:

 See that? There was a rainbow on a cloud!

 Guess what was that. It was the moon. My mom said the moon was orange because there was haze.
I also went to Terengganu because there was my adopted aunt's brother's wedding.
And of course we managed to take some pictures..


0 <--I know it is zero: