Friday, November 19, 2010

What had happened at the last day of school this year.

I really thought that all my lazy friends especially the boys, wouldn't come today but I was totally wrong!
It happened that 24 out of 30 of us came to school!
See what I meant?( Actually, there were more but most of them did their own works behind the class.)

 We did many unfamiliar things this morning like:

 and I can't believe that my class will be so clean! 
It really was! It was very clean like...um...a new planet that haven't been disturbed? 
Mmm, maybe...but I just can't believe my eyes! 
But you know, I remembered that there is an advertisment that says 'my eyes don't betray me'
so, I just kept quiet.

b) Playing games that tightened our bonds..: p
 This time, it was the boys' turn to play Twister. I pitied Faris the most because he had to stick up his posterior 180 degees or something like that. Can't you see that all the boys were laughing?
We also played Monopoly Deal. 
As usual, it was sponsored by Warren Buffett the 2nd, Aishah Amira Scott Odierno.

c) Getting our end-year-examination slip.
 Dinie seemed happy but Atiqah was not. 
Not that her results were bad but because there was a speck of someting sort of like dirt or something on her slip. 
Poor Atiqah.

d)  Treasurer Aimi Aliah announced that our class party had been cancelled.

 Can you guess what was written on the board? See for yourself.
I was a little bit frustrated about that but what can I do, right?

e) We had a feast!
 Atiqah brought my favourite dish at school ( my favourite dish at home was different )
that was 'roti jala'.
Her mother was an expert making those.
THANK YOU ATIQAH! and her mom of course. =)

So, I really had a great day today. Thank you to all my friends. ALL of them. I really will miss you guys. :((((  . To my best friends, you are always in my heart FOREVER! You guys really will. I love you, ATIQAH! AINA! AISHAH! FATIN! DINIE! 
 ( I love you guys all the same. Although theres a little bit of lack or more here and there, I will always love you guys. ALWAYS! )

in a very very despair mood,

0 <--I know it is zero: