Friday, June 24, 2011


Well guys,
the human with the name above is a very best friend of mine.
We once shared the same class that is 6 zuhrah.
I don’t know what I should write in my next post until I receive her letter.
You’re sooooooooo hard-working. INDUSTRIOUS GIRL! If I were you, I WANTED TO post the letter but I always postpone and postpone until at last, the letter was not sent. FYI, I still have the letter that I wanted to send a year ago. 

P.S: It is in my bag all the time. SEEING IS BELIEVING. Go see lah!

Although I know she will never read this, I just want to share some info.
But er.... actually, I don’t quite remember  what actually happen.
You know, we were in standard 6 okay! How could I remember? Plus, I’m absent-minded. I think ‘never present’-minded is more accurate.

If Farah unexpectedly clicked this blog or whatever that made her read this, I want her to know that I really love her. Miss you so much Farah.
She is schooling in STJ ( SPB, guys!!!) .That shows how intelligent she is.If you want to know more, ask me face to face ok, georgians!!
Sorry Farah. I have your picture but not in the computer and I don’t have a scanner so, no picture shall be in this post except : her fb profile picture.

To those who knew this well made god’s creation, she sent her regards. So, answer, NOW!

0 <--I know it is zero: