Sunday, July 3, 2011


(shut up. I know I did copy this title from Dinie’s site. Just, SHUT UP!)

Hey guys. I guessed that you guys had fun at the 1M1S run, huh?
Look at Farah Izzati’s blog. I wish I was there. Oh God. Anyone got pictures!!! I want those pictures!!
Ok, I’ll tell you something:

I love tattoo. Not those on your skin, but the thing that was attended by Menteri Besar or even kings.
Did you know it was held on 1 July 2011 at Stadium Paroi?
Bet you didn’t know because I didn’t either. My mother urged me to go.
It was absolutely awesome!!! I’ll tell you more about this tattoo but not so much because
1.     1.  I forgot
2.     2.  There was more video than pictures.

The Tunku Abdul Rahman stadium was literally crowded. 

At first, we were entertained by Aris Ariwatan. 

Know him? I didn’t either. My mom said he was a veteran singer so, no wonder.
The opening was great when we were entertained by police dancers.

Right after that, my heart was like exploded when there was a bomb thrown from the helicopter and it formed the word :1 malaysia PDRM.

Then there was polices wearing neon lights, fallen horse rider, funny acts, para gliders and many more. I like ‘kawad patung’ the most because it was the most entertaining and funniest. Here’s the example:

My mom said this type tattoo is very rare. The last time my mom saw it was when she was in school. About 20 years ago. I hope I can watch things like this again. Love it so much!! (sorry the images are blurry. I sit far away from the thing.

Btw, I didn’t come to school because I went to Melaka, not because I want okay!!!
DINIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I want to take part in the sukaneka!!!!!! WAAAAAAA
I want to pull the 'pelepah kelapa' for you!!!! WWWWWWAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!
Oklah, at least I had fun at the tattoo.
Other pictures:

 my maksu likes this one hehe
 with the para gliders

 one of the dancers
 the toy soldiers

sorry for the craps, I don't really know how to explain. Hehe...

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