Sunday, August 14, 2011

The feeling of un-greatness

I feel gratefull I sit beside the person I hate because its payback time!! KA has no chance of cheating, YES!MySpace  You know what? KA asked me for an answer! AS IF! I will never give KA ANYTHING. Plus, KA is still condemning me. What a disaster….

Eh? Why do I enjoy writing about KA? HAHA. Silly me.MySpace
Okay, exam was over. 3 days ago so, I’m enjoying the summer sun computer games!
I hope my exam results are better. Better than only 4 A’s. :’(. I had done my best.
For the time being, Dinie gets ‘awesome-er’ with her origami. Although her ‘goat-robot-cow’ origami received a not so good response from her friends (and crush)
Atiqah gets more artistic by making ‘Barbie’ dolls made out of clay.
Aishah gets emo-er, you know with her full-of-himself crush.
Aina, I don’t know because she is so far away and I’m sure she found her new best friend there. Btw Aina, happy very very very very belated birthday.
And me, still didn’t lose any kilo, even I had been fasting for 14 days!
P.S: Sorry for not having a welcome note. My brain can think of any good ones.

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