Sunday, August 7, 2011

I'm in severe pain. ;''''(

WARNING : Don't read if you can't stand any of these:

·         Boring long posts
·         Damn it dramas
·         The sudden feeling change
·         Anything about Dinie, my best friend
because this post is full of them

Well hello there! Hows the air? Breathing well? Anyone has been bugging you with nonsense lately?
(Why am I talking like nuts?)

Okay then. This post is about pain, sulpher suffer and sorrow in my liver heart. Besides that, I am also withstanding a soreness that happens to be unfortunately in my.....  mouth.
oh god.

The thing is, this annoying person treaded on my toe! I had been crying all night just because of this damn person. Let's name him KA. But when I have a second thought, a part of me says that KA is right. KA told the truth. The truth that no one can tell me. Only KA can. Although it is brazen, well, accept the fact, me. I am what KA told me, am I not?
Another part of me says that KA has no right to condemn a humble god's creation. Yes, god makes no mistake and He certainly didn't make a mistake when He created me. He wanted me this way. Nobody is perfect. Only Selena Gomez and Pink think that there is someone perfect out there but there certainly isn't.

Ugh, stop the drama, monster. I'll just suck my tears back in. You can't? Oh, of course you can't because only me and Dinie can. Heheh. Speaking of Dinie, again, she said p/s I wish I had green eyes :(   Well, don't be jealous because I already had! :D
The first time I saw Dinie, I don't think of anything. Just a normal new girl. I really don't think negatively or positively towards her. I heard some rumors, no, thats not the right word. I heard some things that she did which is a little unpleasent to someone when she didn't even realise it, but still, I don't of anything. Who is wrong, who is right, I just don't care. Maybe it is just my nature. Wait a sec. Do you understand the underlined word? Dinie, Tiqah, everyone! I had Alexithymia!
Ehem, this post will only be understood if you read this first.

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