Thursday, September 8, 2011

Words of joy (Eid and Tiqah)

From the deepest heart of mine, I, with all pleasure wishing all of you Muslims


I know today is 10th Syawal already but better late than never...
I had been very busy which had been the reason  why I didn’t  update for quite a while. Meaning that Dinie and Atiqah must’ve been the same because they didn’t update for a longer time than me.
Okay. Ramadhan left. Too bad. Hope this is not the last. :). Also, I regretted for not having tarawih for  a total of 13 days. Imperfections were caused by laziness, SOME QUITE important things to do and things that can’t be prevented. Oh well.

Oh, and special greetings to Nurul Atiqah Norramli who had been so cute all this while. :D Happy Birthday, MY BABY! Although the present is not as vogue as the gift you gave me for my last birthday, believe me, I worked hard to think what should I gave you. So sorry I can’t give you better, and FYI, it was never a nuisance. I LOVE YOU, clone. XD.

Syawal won’t last long either. It’ll leave me! Just like Ramadhan :’(.
ALSO, SELAMAT HARI RAYA AINA FATNIN, wish you were here, :).

here are some raya pictures :


0 <--I know it is zero: