Friday, September 9, 2011

Yes yesterday !

Happy birthday Hariz,
Congratulations to Kenneth!
Happy Birthday to Hariz…….
Congratulations to Kenneth!!!!
All about yesterday-
We (the 2 Muzaffarians) celebrated a double occasion.
Hariz’s Birthday and the most important- to congratulate Kenneth for his GRAND success. Well, not his first but still, it was GRAND.
Thanks so much for those who helped me fill my tummy until I felt like bursting. Thanks so much. Appreciate that. Hope I can have it again :P when Kenneth won AGAIN, :P !
I took pictures too. *whisper-cute ones*
Gaze :

 (waiting patient and eagerly!)
 (cute Iman's pucking!)
 (AIDA is so GORGEOUS!!)
 (Aimi is pretty too)

(Dinie is exquisite!! Her eyes...)

(this one, I can't say more. OMG. I'm crying)

Oh so cute….. laughters, smiles… awhhhhh I’m missing it already!


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