Sunday, December 25, 2011

Family North Trip 2011

MySpaceWell YO YO YO !!! *getting energetic*MySpace

I had an awesome vacation experience <3 I really would like to tell ya ALL ABOUT IT. Yes, I know you don't even wanna read and no, I'll still share MY VACATION from 17th to 24th December 2011, NO MATTER WHATMySpace

Let's the adventure BEGIN !!!


RISE AND SHINE! Today, we are heading to The ~LEGEND ISLAND~ or more known as, LANGKAWI ! But hey, look at the clock? This can't be true? Am I dreaming?
7 o' clock already. My family and I supposed to wake up at 5 ! We will definitely miss the ferry.MySpace
Hate to admit but, nobody, repeat, NOBODY heard the alarm. Of course we didn't. We slept at 2 last night. Everyone slept like a LOG.
6 hours after that, THANK GOD we arrive ON TIME. WEHEE. Fortunately my aunt already booked the ticket or else, I don't know what will happen.
We stayed at Kem Bina Negara. All thanks to my father ;D
All of us wear the same clothes which  we bought from Tiqah's father. :)
Pics for today:



Well, not exactly the whole day, but you get thee idea. We shoot some pictures at night.
 Thanks Pak Long for lending us your car.
My Pak Long works in Langkawi. 


Theme colour for today is red.
Getting ready to cable car-ing !
As soon as we arrive at Langkawi Geopark, they said that the wind is blowing hard so we can't ride it. Of course I'm frustrated but cable car isn't the only attraction in Langkawi, right.

can't you see that my father has 6 fingers? 
click the picture if you don't believe it.

 The solution? UNDERWATER WORLD, YAY !
I love the penguins.

 While we are busy watching the penguins, guess who we meet? AN ACTOR. A veteran one I think.
the one in blue.

Back from the UWL, the troop goes to Ayer Hangat. 
My cousin, Qimie and Qaseh, together with my brother, Aiman, take a bath there.

 Qaseh <3
Qimie, who is afraid of water. :D


Qimie is also afraid of the dark. :))
He's quite a chicken !

this is epic :D


Back to Kuala Perlis.
There is an incident in the ferry. It delays for half an hour because someone didn't pay the ticket. That person has nothing better to do -.-. 
I read a quote on the ferry:

Don't worry
Be happy
What you see,
This is

More shopping needs to be done today. You know why? It's PADANG BESAR, people. 
Mom buys me a yellow tuition bag and a silver handbag for herself while my full-of-herself sister gets a brown blouse with a long skirt. Of course there is a little jealousy but mom taught me not to be jealous. Think of what she gave me which none of my siblings have. So, I just 'redha'. :D


Checking outta D'perlis Homestay.

Going to Pasar Rabu.
 Again, the money flies.....
But hey, it's worth it.
3.27, I set foot on Penang.

half completed nutmeg replica

It is so cool that my mom surprised my brother with lots of TOYS.

All 3 pictures were taken 2 days after buying it.

Making way to the Penang Homestay. We take a ferry.

 notice my sister's clothes. That was what mom bought yesterday.

We slept at Penang for a day.


8.30. Time to go to Cameron.....
Gotta warn ya. Today, more pictures than words..

The views are fantastic along the way.



I eat this thing called strawberry inspire and blueberry strudel.

 ^ this is called ice baby..


Actually, all of us plan to buy souvenirs at the night market. Unfortunately, my Mak Cik don't wanna go. Maybe she is tired of driving all day. In the end, only my Mama and her family go.
And when she comes back,



Did I tell you that my family stayed at Desa Anthurium Apartment?

Up we go.

 The twins

And now, I think I want to tell you something about my only girl cousin, NUR SAKINAH BT KAMARUDDIN

She is a daughter of my Mak Long. Aged 10. Lives in Malacca. 
Just for your info.... 
Well, I posted posts about my other cousins but her so, there she is :)


Last day in Cameron.
This is so sad.

Today is the coldest day for me. 
I'm freezing.. brr..

Last day pictures.

Sorry for the VERY long post full of pictures. 


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