Sunday, December 4, 2011

I love my best friend contest

Another contest as you can see :)
I'm not a greedy girl who wants to win everything but I just LOVE contests involving best friends.
*click to gain knowledge :P

*I apologize my dear, I put that picture again*

I have 4 best friends to be accurate but this time, I just think I should narrate about her.

NURUL ATIQAH NORRAMLI. The star that shines the brightest.

That’s her name! *Well, not the word after it ;P

For me, she is my clone. You know why? We just have like everything in common. For an instant, we have the same type of sisters which annoys us so much but still, we love them. We also share the same enemy. What more is, Atiqah is as weird as I am. Maybe, just maybe, the only thing that differentiate Atiqah and me is, her crush likes her while mine don’t.

Normal for all teens, growing up. Our feelings got mixed up and we even try to do things that we shouldn’t do, : Having a crush. Yes, she has a crush. A cute one by the way :P

I’m a green-eyed monster now. (<click the word if you don't know the meaning)

Atiqah the cutie. She sings what I sing, She says what I say and she’ll accompany me where ever  I go when we were in the same class. We are not in the same class this year but we still are the best buddies ever. Even 2  years seems like a short time to build this awesome relationship, you know what? It is more than enough. Am I right?

For  your information, that  picturesque picture was taken on the very last day of school in 2010.
A picture is worth a thousand words. I may not type a thousand words here but trust me, it means a thousand more. 

Hereby, I tag, um, not Fadlin because he is quite busy these days. The choice is yours, my dear.
Tiqah, Aina, Pajel, I TAG YOU ! <3

I love you and I mean it,

0 <--I know it is zero: