Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Upcoming Test

Long time no update, huh?

Poor bloggie..
:D I'd been tumblring all this while.
 (to who ever cares for this blog. Obviously not my followers. I think, my best friends, maybe?)

A week to the March test. You guys ready?
I MUST be ready.
As all of you should've known, early year tests are extremely easy.
So, if I don't score this test, how can I score the others? Especially PMR.
 I hope the time runs faster than I thought so I can end all this crankiness.
Gonna be a hurting one though. But I won't care about any of that for I'll get the benefits later.

Now,enjoy the mood swings:

I'm telling this to Dinie; and anyone who thinks they're fat, -well, except me of course- If your BMI is 25 and LOWER, believe me, YOU AREN'T FAT. You are just being such um, how to say this. Monkeys. Yes, monkeys or in malay, sigh, easier to say in malay, MENGADA-NGADA. You'll mess your head just because of a stupid fib.
YES, I'm so angry. I hate people saying something they're not.
Let me tell ya. I have a friend.
She got the shape. An attractive one
She got the look. The prettiest one
She got the brains. A clever one
She got the wealth. Her father owns lots of them.
She got the family. Respectful sisters, caring mom and nice 'cousins'
She got the love. A skinny one. Well, all of you have it except me.

She has almost everything that she need.
I know no one is perfect like a god but SHE is a perfect human being

How can I ever tell her if she doesn't believe me.
I'm wondering, if she doesn't believe me, who will she believe?

Guys, saying about society, for the matter of fact, WE are society. So before you say anyone fat, ugly or even stupid, think about it first.
How will she live her life after that?
She can never please everyone.

I'm stressing on 'she' because girls always act like this.
because those damn boys keep making her insecure.

Friends, you are not ugly. Society is.

SIGH SIGH SIGH. I know, after reading this, nothing will ever change.
I understand.
I'm like that too :)

Whatever it is, stop saying you're fat. I hate it.

P.S: I hope I can watch The Hunger Games. :D Can't wait! 23rd March. SEE YA!

love 1D,

0 <--I know it is zero: