Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The end of this early year test

Alhamdulillah.. :)
At least some of the load is off my head! WOOO!

I answered every paper with full care yet still filling the lead in wrong alphabet holes -.-
but that is not what I want to tell you.
This is something about the last day of exam, a Thursday.
We have Sivik.

The test was at 12.10 to 1.10
you know what it sounded like right?

Ya know, I finished the test at 12.34.08 and without even checking anything, I dozed off;
so did most of everyone else.
The class was so so so so quiet and no one moved an inch.
The only thing you might hear was the time ticking on your watch.

When the teacher says
Everyone startled and woke up.
I found that part funny. HAHA
From the statement up there, we can conclude that students in 3 Alau are light sleepers, except for two. Wanna know who?
My dearest Dinie and Taufiq.

Although Dinie hated the fact that she was seated beside Taufiq with a gap in the middle.
and, I know why.
Taufiq got flu and she got it as well.
But, how can that happen?
Are they THAT close until they can catch one another a cold?
And there is another thing they did the same.

When teacher is picking up everyone's question and answer papers, those two are still not awake. But the teacher can easily pick up Taufiq's since he put them aside.
On the contrary, the teacher faced trouble with Dinie as she slept ON her papers.
What made the situation worse was she's a heavy sleeper.
Shaking will never wake her up. After a few tries, she finally woke up.

and you guessed it.
She drooled. (Dinie, I'm so sorry I wrote this in my blog. It's just too epic :D)

Thank god nothing happened to the OMR sheet.
but for the question paper, it was drenched.

Of course, she told me she was ashamed. :D No worries my friend, everyone drools- sometimes :)
She also asked me who noticed the all saliva thingy?
so I answered the teacher, (she made an ashamed face)
Aida, because she collected the paper (the embarrassed face again) 
me, and um, probably everyone else because you're really hard to wake.
OH, except Taufiq because he was still asleep when everything happened.
He missed the party. I'm sorry for him. :D

:) All this is just another sweet memory to keep.
Plus, I once drooled too :D but, Dinie was the only one to see it.

P.S: A little bit more to finish The Hunger Games!!!

love 1D,

0 <--I know it is zero: