Thursday, August 23, 2012

Grey's Aidilfitri

So, hey guys and Assalamualaikum.....!
Dinie, Pajel, Tiqah, you, EVERYONE,
didn't update their blog. -.- WHY?
I really want to know how their raya was.
Here, was mine.

The night of Eid eve, all types of firecrackers exploded in the air. As if it was independence! -.-  Look at how much money they wasted on some colourfully loud fireworks.

1 Syawal

(eat a little first before praying. That's the sunnah!)

This year's raya theme colour is grey, initially wanted it to be silver; but how can clothes be all silver sparkly, right? 
All of us, from grandpa to Qaseh wears grey. The girls,MySpace wears the same baju kurung design! Fyi, this is the first time we did something like this. :D

(makcik, mama, maksu playing around)

(Qaseh! here is the post about her)

Annual event, of course the younger ones ask for forgiveness from the older ones. 

At Tanah Perkuburan Islam Paroi

(very beautiful ibu!)

That day, my grandpa's house was visited by people every hour. 
Families, friends, strangers? :D

Not just they visit us, we visit them too.

(At Tok Lang's house)

2 Syawal

I was in Johore with my grandparents of my father's side. 
Everyone was there.
The house was fullllllllllllll.
And because of that, I didn't take any picture.

3 Syawal

Also no picture

4 Syawal

Only Pak Ngah and Pak Teh's family were left.
Fyi, my Pak Ngah has 10 kids :D

(smallest, Sayuti)

(6 of them)


(this is all of them! :D)


Raya this year, I think, was great.
I hope to visit some of my friends soon..
If my mom lets me that is.


0 <--I know it is zero: