Sunday, October 28, 2012

For the 15th time, Happy Many Returns!

No, that's not right.
Okay that's better. I should be sad.
Who will be happy when their death date is nearing, DUH.

Okay, whatever it is, I'm still happy :)
Got some McDonalds and permission to go somewhere (KL WITH AINAAA and Dinie and Pajel)

Sigh, what's going happen to me, next?
From 28th October 2011 until today, I haven't grow an inch. This is so depressing. I'm currently 4/11 (148cm) and I don't wanna stay that way. Even a 9 year old kid is taller than me. What's worse is I'm fat. In fact, gaining every day. I gained 5 kg since last year and that is killing me. Despite the fact, I pathetically did nothing. Yep. Nothing at all. Sigh.. Oh, well I did gain something. Knowledge of course! Alhamdulillah.. and I really hope I'll get 8As. I will.

I really don't like writing this. Do I look I'm bragging or anything? You know, when our birthday comes, we will have really high hopes on everyone like when you are awake from sleep you're like.. "Today's my birthday! I'll get lots of birthday greetings and presents and love and I don't have to do house chores today and my sisters will treat me nicely"..and then you got disappointed. You know, people you expect to remember didn't and personally, it don't matter but there's some part of me just can't stop thinking 'Why doesn't she remember?'
There is also something special about this years' birthday. What is it again? Oh, no birthday cake, yes. First time :D

Since today is also the second day of Hari Raya Aidiladha, SALAM AIDILADHA!!!! Did you eat well yesterday (or today for those who just got their Korban meat today)?Delicious aren't they. Succulent, soft and yummm, mouth watering and tomorrow I'll be eating some MORE korban meat!! at school!
I also went to Segamat, Johor, my hometown.

okay, there are no cow pictures because I don't get to see them getting slaughtered.
My grandpa's home is great though.. Many fishes and cats!

There is something I just remembered. exactly 15 years ago, I was born, yes. Something happened some nights after that because I nearly died. I guess I have to appreciate life more after this because I literally survived death a few times.Oh god I sinned too much. SO SO much. I wonder what my angel think of me. OOOOKAY I'm straying from reality..

Well, enjoy your holiday guys! Do something productive! Goodbye, Assalamualaikum :)
P/S: Thanks Aina for calling me :'D


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