Saturday, March 30, 2013

My New Rembau Home

I sigh every time I hear that name.
Yes, it is my current school. A boarding school or a fully residential school. Which means, 24 hours at school, facing the sames faces, eating the same food and doing the same things every single day. According to Wikipedia, This is a school system established to nurture outstanding students to excel in academics and extracurricular activities. 

Okay, just kidding.
What Wikipedia said is true. 
I know.

SOOOOOOO.... I will tell you good things about this school, I promise.
Don't be bored okay. KEEP ON READING! 

My day starts at 4am. With eyes like panda's

I iron the clothes. Alone. I learn that people here wake up late and don't care about being late. Every night, the Iron Room is at its full capacity. I hate the Iron Room at night. We are supposed to turn the lights off at 11.30. When I first get here, that rule is not so obeyed but 3 weeks or so, the wardens get stricter. Hate. After 11.30, you'll be nagged and points will be deducted. Like Harry Potter isn't it? Torches will also be taken away. Back to my morning story, after I shower (alone) I go back to sleep :D HAHA. No studies for me. 6.00am, I go to the surau fooooooor... Subuh prayer! Yes. 

The imam reads long loong surahs. Even in the morning, I am sweating profusely. It makes me itch everywhere. This school is 98% different than KGV. We have assembly every day at 7am on the assembly ground rather than outside class. 
In class, I usually sleep or do my unfinished homework or just do nothing. Homework is abundant I tell you. 

Maths and Addmaths always full page or more. BM with essay and stuff. 
2.30 until 3.30pm is the time to eat and pray Zuhur. Honestly, it is not enough but I'm grateful than not having any time at all. 
Food.. Hmm,.. do you know what I eat? It's more than enough actually. That made students unappreciative. They throw food as they like.
 Usually, we get to eat the whole bawal fish for ourselves but what I can see in the dustbin is half eaten fish. No, not half eaten. Quarter eaten. Oh god, if I can, I'll slap each student and give them lectures but sigh, what can I do. I'll just... show a good example and lecture people the same table as mine :D MUAHAHAHA..
My lecture: Don't you guys know? Our brothers and sisters in Palestine fight to their death to eat. They usually starve and eat once a while. Look at us. Thankless. Ungateful bla.. bla.. bla.. 
In the Dewan Makan, I have a friend. She is very strict in finishing food. That is what I like about her. I don't need to be told, The plate is always clean. cheh... I'm like a vacuum cleaner you know. I even clean my friends' plates. 

After 3.30... OH GOD! PREEEEEEEEEEP. Until 4.30 is PREP time. 
YOU THINK THAT'S IT? Well, if you have choral speaking like me, your life won't be as peaceful as you want it to be. Choral took my PREP time. Sometimes my both day and night PREP time. Are they not aware of my piling homework? I cry a lot on that one. I seldom feel that 24 that hours are not enough. I shan't feel that, shall I?
4.30-6.30pm I can relax a bit. I mean, other people can relax a bit. I have choral. 
6.30pm is Makan Beradab. The food is served. Not delicious I daresay but enough for my needs. It teaches us to be grateful, again, I repeat the same word. This whole eating thing, makes me eat like a pig when I get home. You know after 2 months not tasting mom's dish.
I have my name on the table in the DM. When I first get here, my friends sit with me. But now, after much revamping, I sit with old students, people I don't know and luckily, my new friend Durra. She's just so cute every boy looks at her. Twice. 
After Maghrib, upper form students must wait until Isyak. It is to lessen the crowding in the mini wudu' place. You know what? There are times when vapor came out of the mini place. Imagine how crowded people are.
Then, night PREP. Mostly, students learn. I do too. 
Okay, don't take that seriously. Usually Dinie will be with me so I don't sleep :D
Imagine I have just 30 minutes before lights off. I can't do anything before I sleep, really.

Rules in SEMESRA 

1. Tudung is only in black, white or cream. 
2. Pins are only black, white or silver.
3. Shoes must.. there are too many specifications. I'm too lazy to type.
4. Wear socks everywhere
5. Don't look at boys
6. No free hair anywhere except in dorm. Not even outside dorm. 
7. etcetera
Okay, whatever.

This post is boring, isn't it? Sorry I made you read all the way. 
Fadzlin, gedik la you. Fadlin, thank you for the words of wisdom. Fatyn, I miss you so much. Georgians, I hope we'll meet. Goodbye, people of the earth. We'll meet again. 8 weeks later :)
Oh, if you are not Georgian, you might not know. Even KGV is so popular. Okay stop that. There will be a Georgian Carnival. WOOOO. What other school has carnival like that? It's next week. Until 7th April. GO OKAY.

P/S:(quote of the day)
P/P/S: Meet my long lost boyfriend.

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