Friday, March 22, 2013

Short haired Rapunzel

Yep, that's me right there. Just, uglier, lol.

   I can't believe that I've been in SEMESRA (hands at shoulder, eyes looking up) for more than a month! I am not ashamed to admit I weakly cried over my family, KGV and you guys. I, too didn't know I had much teardrops. (lol drama) but it gets better. I always say 'tomorrow will be better'. Even if it's not, I'll say it again tomorrow. You never know, right? At some point, tomorrow will be better. I miss KGV. KGV is good at rugby, we have a swimming pool! Archery is always our sport. We are 1 Malaysia! I speak English there. Even our school song is in English. Yes, you can wear anything for koko. Of course KGV is better! KGV this, KGV that,..-,-. Until I forgot, I'm not one of you anymore. KGV fills a big part of my heart. It's saddening even to think about it. I'm like a girl who deeply fall in love and can't move on.

   There's a proverb. We all know. It seems typical. Everyone uses it. Still, it is carved in my heart. Deeply. Although you can never see it, I can feel it- "Once a georgian always a georgian".
We georgians faithfully shall serve our king and country. On land and sea wherever georgians be we proudly fly the school banner high. Our school brings joy no words can tell how we honour thee. United we are together or apart (we are, right?). Forever contributing ideas to progress. Sing our school song brings memory so sweet. With gratitude so deep we hail thee. We georgians faithfully shall serve our king and country till eternity.
Okay stop that drama. We all know our school song. 

   Sigh, everytime I think about KGV, I feel this cold shiver indicating that I'm in grief. I imagined it's arch when I step out of the girl's dormitory. The hallway. Passing 3ABK to 3 Hish, library, Form 4 block, stairs, bumping into Dinie on the wayand go to Fadzlin after I put my bag. Then it all went away. I was actually walking to the surau,the canteen, going up the extra high stairs and straight to class. I don't see Veerashini instead, I see Shakira. I didn't go to Pajel, she crossed my mind. The only same thing is Dinie which I am very thankful of. My destiny, my soul sister, my fate. Che wah~ 

   No one can deny my love for KGV but I have to face the music. The reality. I'm a Semesrian. I live in SEMESRA. How much I dislike it, it is my second home. Or just home for that matter. I'll remember. Everything Insya-Allah. I'll be strong or just act like I am.
"When you feel like feeling sorry for yourself, stop. Remind yourself that self-pity won’t get you anything worth having. When you feel like running away from your problems, stop, turn around and face those problems. Choose to become stronger and to create real value by working your way through them. A life that’s positive, successful and authentically fulfilling comes from the quality of the choices you make in every moment. The life you live is the life you choose, so remind yourself, again and again, to choose the best." --Ralph Marston

   There's a reason Allah put me there. It's for the best. My best.
About the title, okay now let's talk about SEMESRA. I am at the highest level, Kelana Petra.

3rd storey okay! I don't know how many times I climbed the stairs everyday. Even so, I don't notice any change in my weight. Luck is on Dinie's side because she lives on the ground floor, Akhirul Zaman. First floor is Johan Pahlawan and second floor is Lela Maharaja. Just fyi.

P/S: Hi Fadlin! and Fatyn :)
P/P/S: KGV's logo is awesome.


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