Saturday, May 25, 2013

Pengkalan Balak Family Day

This is sooooo long ago but it happened a day before I moved to another school. I didn't have time to write about it. So here I am, 4 months after that.

27th January 2013

My big family consists of 38 people converged in front of the vast god made sea called Pengkalan Balak. Tok Man's family, (Tok Man is my grandfather) is in charge of the prizes and food.

1st place: Jobo
2nd place: Poyo
3rd place: Lekeh
$th place: Corot

Basically, everyone gets a hamper. This is just for fun so why so serious. There are 4 groups with 9 members each. I was in team 2. The events held were tug-of-war, eat till you complete, fill the bottle, sweets and flour, catch the water balloons and fit the puzzle. Here areeeeee... the pictures from tug of war!!!

Ish ish ish... 'Toghok bonar goman eh'.
The next game is eat till you complete. LOL what a name. The aim is to finish a pack of thumbs up peanuts. Well, we ate on sand and those peanuts were easily buried and, you guessed it. Playing fair is not an option. Those who did, tasted defeat. Couldn't help it. Moreover, I stated this before, all of this was just for fun.

Then, fill the bottle. My team got number 1. After we finished, we pour all the water from the 2 litres basin into other team's bottle. They got soaked but it was good entertainment for me.

Sweets and flour: 

I don't participate because I know the consequenses and I don't dare wear flour make up. After the next game, catch the water balloons ended, the remaining water balloons were thrown at my Mak Cik, the person   who came with the idea of this game. She too got wet like everyone else. I was so happy I wasn't.

I just want to post the pictures from tug-of-war again. Damn funny.
 (ignore that one)

That night, was prize giving. Group number 2 got second place, POYOOOO!!



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