Friday, May 24, 2013

Ugh, Dusty!

Long time no see.

How has everyone been doing?
Hopefully well and in pink.

So, I was having a mental breakdown due to the mid-year exams. I don't know if I worked hard enough.to get what I dreamed, 9A. But well, what's past is past. I have to remind you people,... we study  for Allah not exam, okay?

I wonder how my friends in KGV are doing. I know they are having this trend #KGVPoyo on twitter. It is so awesomely accurate. :D I don't know how to contact you guys since I have nothing- no social accounts- so if you have anything to say, ask me on tumblr. Here. 

I've been reading so many good novels. I really think you should read them, if you have free time. I bet you wonder how can I have free time in SBP. Well, you have. I asked this question when I first entered and guess what? The third intake students asked me the same thing! HAHA.
(full of great words )

(Every chapter is saddening)

(This is so great. Can't explain)

(very very complicated and the end is very unexpected)

Do you wanna see what my notebook is like? It's not like Dinie's but I'm just proud of it. Proud that I am capable of making something look pretty despite my unartsy hands. Insufficient memory is what it wrote in the front. That is what actually made me buy it in the first place.

Ugly? YES? NO? :D
After my mom get me the hell outta school, we went to my grandma's house. Hmmm,.. I do think absence makes the heart grows fonder. While I was there, my grandfather said he has to treat me like a guest. He poured tea in a cup and put it in a saucer. You might think it's nothing but it meant so much to me because usually, I pour my own drink, in a plastic cup. I remember when I my sister visited me at school, she told me whenever my grandfather picks fruits from his orchard, especially bananas, he will rant about how I love them. He'll ask my mother to bring them to me even when, I don't know if he knows that the bananas will rot by the end of the week, which is the only time parents are allowed to visit their jailed kids.  I do think my family will do more. Well, that is one of the pros of being an SBP student- or living in hostel, for that matter.
There's a silver lining after all.


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