Saturday, November 29, 2014

School went, memories stayed

It's really hard to believe.
I'm a graduated high school student. Can YOU believe that? Time flies so fast, I remembered it was just yesterday I registered to SK King George V. Wearing pinafores and ponytails. I was so cute; I didn't know what happened. Hmm,... can I do a little throwback please? Juuusstttt a little.
Look at this one.
(at the background is my red Honda Accord which is now crushed to pieces in a car junk yard)

and then when I'm in Form 1, I haven't had my braces yet. My teeth were so... crooked. It was hilarious.

Okay, enough throwbacking, let's get to the main part now.
Sooooo.. I finished Form 5! Wehee~ I waited 11 years for this moment to come and IT FINALLY CAME!!! And, if you know me, you'll know how I hated living in boarding school. I often told my friends that I'll never miss the school (Sains Rembau to be exact) but deep inside, I can't deny that somehow I will. I will miss my friends. True friends I mean, not acquaintances. Also, it is an enormous blessing to be in the same school with cutie, everyone's bae, Dinie Aqilah. I really don't want to admit that their absence will make my heart grow fonder. But I will of course admit that I'll miss these people; my friends.





Some of the pictures were dark. Those came from my camera. I apologise. I'll get it fixed soon. That is all, I guess. Oh, and, PAJEL and AINAAA!!! Too bad we aren't in the same school but I miss you more than ever. I pray that we'll meet soon. Man proposes but God disposes. Life and destiny can steal my best friends away from me but nothing can take away the precious memories. Goodbye my friends. Assalamualaikum peeps.

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