Thursday, December 25, 2014


From 9th to 13th December, if you wondered where I went which 99.99999% of you don't, I'm just telling you that I went to Turkey pok pok pok *making weird chicken sounds*
9 Dec.
I arrived at KLIA at 6.30 or something like that. We have been told to wait 4 hours earlier before departure. 11.45pm, off we went to Turkiye with Turkish Airlines! Fyi, it is the first time I have EVER rode an airplane EVER! I WAS SOOOO excited, eager, elated and whatever you may call that.

Since we went under Andalusia, everyone mainly have the same bags so here's a tip which all of you already know, tie something like ribbons with striking colours at the bag's handle like this. How you knot depends on your creativity. My mom, with her creative imaginative hands knotted a nice cute braid!

 I don't know how it's like in other airplanes but I really like Turkish Airlines. Flying is sweeeeeeet!! 9 hours of it. There were lots of movies and songs, I doubt you'll be bored. Just tiny bit I'm not satisfied is the stewardesses' service which I think is the Turks nature and the food. Some are good some are just, I don't know. It couldn't get through my throat. Maybe it's because my Malay tongue, haha.

10 Dec
From KLIA, 11.45 pm, I step on the Turkish Land at 11am Malaysian time but in Turkey, it was only 5am. Just after getting off the plane, we retrieved our bags and all and rode a bus. It took me from Istanbul to Bursa. 8 hours, people. On the road again~
For breakfast, I ate simit, a traditional Turkish bread. It was tasteless so I ended up eating the bread my father bought from Malaysia. WAHAH.
This is simit

For lunch I ate yummy yummy meat patties and rice. LEZZET!!
You know what that yellow fruits are? Those are chilies. THOSE DECEIVING FRUIT-LIKE CHILIES.

this vvv was how dark it was in Turkey when it was just 5 pm.

11 Dec
Breakfast at Hotel Gold 3 was awesome. I wondered how it's like in heaven. After breakfast, Tamer our tour guide brought us to Munira. it sells the best Turkish Delight and you, also have to prepare the best money because 1kg of it costs 100 TL (lira). That, ladies and gentlemen is about RM 230

To Istanbul we go! We all went on the Bosphorus Cruise. It was then when the Europe was on my right and Asia was on the left. Most or Turkey is on the Asian side so Turkey didn't join the Europe Club, I don't know what it's called. Everyone was busy taking pictures they probably didn't hear what the tour guide was rambling about.

The kebab was DE-LI-CIOUS! Turkey is really popular with kebabs isn't it?

 Blue Mosque

By dawn, it was freezing cold. There wasn't snow or ice but it was 2 degrees and I was freezing. Frozen. Let it goooo..
Okay. So yeah, about 4pm, people went to the underground cistern for 60 lira, RM 135. For people like me, we just hung out around blue mosque until Maghrib, 4.45. I thought they would come but NO, they didn't. They came when it was 6 and I became an ice statue. One thing I was really fascinated to see was fog coming out of my mouth! HOO~ HOO~
12 Dec
Breakfast at Grand S Hotel is not so good as at Hotel Gold in Bursa but okaylah.. The turks really like cheese and olives. Really not my taste. Then to Topkapi Palace. It has its histories and whatever but I'm not interested in telling you WAHAHA.. Just as you are not interested reading this. Hm, Whatever.

Grand Bazaar. It has more than 3000 shops and it's impossible to visit them all. I'm so not into shopping so the things I bought was just from the shops near the entrance and some outside. My friends, I mean,.. well, okay, friends bought so many many many clothes and souvenirs I was sometimes jealous but hey, I was in Turkey. That was the best gift EVER and I need nothing more.

Tamer the tour guide then brought us to Tol & Ar leather shop. Every jacket caught my eye but the cheapest was 1239 Euro. I repeat, EURO. Dang. Yes, they did give discounts but the discounts won't be like 98% because that's the only price I could afford. In all hassle and bustle, some of my tourist friends did bought them. They have the money can lahh.

You know what? I WILL COME BACK. I'll prey on them. Hunt them, eat them, just like animals! Okay. Hagia Sophia. Too bad it is a museum now. It used to be a beautiful honourable mosque but not anymore. I sometimes wish I live in the past so that I can witness Sultan Muhammad Al Fateh's victory. I really want to.
The last place we went was Spice Market. More shopping! sigh. By that time, my back and legs were bloody tired and sleeping was the activity I looked forward the most.
13 Dec
Time for departure so bye bye Turkey! See you again, insya-Allah!

Assalamualaikum, see ya

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