Saturday, January 3, 2015

My beloved idol

New year, new age, new wishes, new stuff, still the old fat me. Well, everyone has been hustling and bustling about new year, I hope you won't forget something far more important than that. Rasulullah SAW's birthday. So get your tongues ready, let's selawat!!
Don't we all just love him so much? His sacrifices for Islam is super duper enormous only Allah can repay them. He is the nicest, handsome-st, most influential person in history.
I miss him. Who doesn't? Really really miss him. Though I just visited his grave 2 weeks ago at Raudhah. God, I miss him. I miss his place, Madinah and everything about him. 
Let's relive his sunnahs.
May we become the ones of the Prophet’s ummah who spread Allah’s and his word to the humankind.
May Allah help us to be stong to always acting by the Prophet’s akhlaq.
May we always be the ones who say salam and salawat upon the Prophet.

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