Tuesday, June 23, 2015

College, anyone?

So yeah, I'm going to college! Not as excited as it sounds, I am actually quite scared to face a life with so much less discipline. I am so comfortable with baju kurung school uniform. I like black leather shoes. And, I kind of like being locked up in the dorm at night, hearing wardens shout LIGHTS OFF!!!!
By the way, my brain is still having a hard time processing all these new things I'm going to face. New friends, new environment, new system... Did I mention I'm not into changes?
I hope I will change for the better. More hardworking, you know. At school, all of us were spoon-fed. Now we even have to cook for ourselves! The lecturer only provide the recipe. Boy, I'm so good at metaphors.
I will be busy for the rest, I guess, 7 years from now? Haha. I hope time flies as fast as it did. Who would have known, 7 years ago I was that kid in the corner whose uniform was painted with sambal, wore inside out tudung and was twice shorter than all of my friends.
A new beginning starts now. I WON'T GIVE UP! and you shouldn't too! :)
Lots of love from me,
the awkwad college girl

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