Monday, April 17, 2017

봄날(Spring Day)

Yeah, I have to remind myself sometimes, that I can't just go home in the weekend.

everything just seems so near. Paris, London, Prague, Amsterdam and all of those places I have seen in books and the Internet is just one train ride away, you know. It is really too bad that I would need to travel for 24 hours to reach Malaysia but once I go back, I would want to stay for a very long time. Maybe the homesick cycle will start again, just like when I first reached here.
My brain is always full of words that I can't even speak properly in one language. How can people maintain 5 or more at the same time? I kind of want to type everything that's going on in my head without much thought, but nobody would be able to understand haih. So yeah, I've been to a few places in Germany. They're nice. Especially now that it's spring, flowers are blooming everywhere even on the train tracks and all along the path that I use to go to school. I should stop saying school because I'm already 20 but, ya, language school. I never knew flowers can make me happy. I have thought of them as a waste of money, you know, RM 40 for a few roses. You can't eat them, they can't talk. I even said to myself back then "If I ever have someone doing romantic things for me, I would'nt prefer flowers because it's such a waste" but when I first received a bouquet, I cried a river because I was so happy and touched, moreover, my own mother was the giver. And I still have some of the petals dried between the pages of the Quran.
So back to the flower story, gosh, I can't keep on track. Ya, so flowers are beautiful. Nature is so beautiful. I learn to appreciate that. Maybe I didn't know because I didn't spend much time in the forest back then. They are just so beautiful that you can here them screaming 'cheer up!' on a bad day. And not just flowers, the trees, snow, blueberries, beetles are just too cute not to smile at.

So here are a few places that I have been to:
 Bad Munstereifel
 Ludwig Museum
 Chocolate Museum
Maastricht, Netherlands

and a lot more, actually. The only EU country that I have been to (well disregarding the Heathrow Airport) is Netherlands, and ya, more to come! :)

Vielen Dank, ich schätze euch sehr, und ihr wisst das nie XD Ich freue mich darauf, neue nette Freunde an der FH anzufreunden. Ich hoffe, dass sie mich akzeptieren können TT
Schönen Tag noch! Bis dann!

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munirah :) said... [Reply to comment]

bestnya :O

Kaneki 태 Mardhiah said... [Reply to comment]

Eheheeee. Alhamdulillah.. tp byk juga dugaan 😭 saya dah 4 bulan tak balik huhuu sedihnyaa

farah adila said... [Reply to comment]

hope dapat pegi luar negara macam awak jugak one day :)

Suhaiza Suki said... [Reply to comment]

maigod ainatul! lawanya gmbr :)

Kaneki 태 Mardhiah said... [Reply to comment]

Bolehh bolehh mesti blh punya hehee

Kaneki 태 Mardhiah said... [Reply to comment]

EHEHEHE TERIMA KASIHHHHHH (Saya percaya awak lagi lawa)😙