Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Throwback Austria

This is so old, I went to Austria in December 2017. After 6 months I suddenly want to reminisce those times. Those times when Danny was still a nice person. After that trip, even when we live in the same small city of 266 thousand population (Augsburg), I have never talked to him ever since. I met him in school a few times but we pretended not to know each other hahahaha. It's so funny how people thought we look like best friends? Lol. Anyways, this post is not about him; it's about how I fall in love with my lovely seniors all over again. And when it all ended, I was lonely again, alone in my 20 square feet room. I actually have not many words to type, as I've also forgot most things I did there. And I wanted to write the names of places that I went like Vienna Palace or whatever but truthfully, I don't even know any of those places' names because I only followed my seniors and took pictures and just live the moment while we could. So here are the pictures. Enjoy, I guess?