Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Last night, Atiqah called me and this is what it was like, (translated and shortened)
Atiqah: Hello, Ainatul,What was the title of the BM novel?
Ainatul: Hah?
Atiqah: What was the title of the BM novel?Ainatul: HAH!?
Atiqah: What was the title of the BM novel?Ainatul: Oh..... Wira ---- Avatari!
Atiqah: My book was gone!
Ainatul: How could that be?
Atiqah: IDK!
Ainatul: Why are you asking me such questions?
Atiqah: Don't you know that we have to make a folio?
Ainatul: What folio?
Atiqah: The BM one! The school told us at the last day of school!
Ainatul was like Oh my! No wonder Dinie said something about it but I don't understand
Ainatul: REALLY?!
Atiqah: I wouldn't lie about this! Then why should I waste time calling you!
Ainatul: Waste time, huh.
Atiqah: Not really!
Ainatul: What Dinie said was right, I DID live in 'zaman batu'
Atiqah: No lah!
Ainatul: So I shall start making this then
Atiqah: Totally. and I can't find any books about this. 
Ainatul: Maybe there is in KL..
Atiqah: Maybe... I shall start working!
Ainatul: ok. BYE!

I thank god that Atiqah called me. 
Or I'll be doomed on the first day of school...
Haih, FOLIO! You really are IRRITATING!


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