Friday, December 31, 2010

Dinos alive@ Pusat Sains Negara

29. 12. 2010
Another 'happyjoygreatcool'ness day
Finally I went somewhere and you guessed it!
Pusat Sains Negara (PSN). I just wanted to share my experience,
not to boast or anything like that.
For those who had went, keep quiet okay. And
sorry for the grammatical mistakes.
First of all, about 11 am, I arrived at PSN. After having a good nap in the car, I widened my eyes excitedly.
After my mom bought the ticket, as you all should've known that there was a fish arch. And hey,there are many unfinish renovation but there WERE something finished like 4 touch-screen computers under the big aquarium.
I was quite scared to hear the dinosaurs roar for the first time but for the third and so on, it just sounds like a radio with a big speaker. My mother can roar better really :D
                On level 2, I urged to the dinosaur exhibition or... whatever it was called. I was amazed! You know why? The dinosaurs are made out of... I think 50% SPONGE! Another 50% of course the mechanical items in the dinosaur body.

Here are the criteria of the dinosaurs:
-          Soft
-          Moves head
-          Rolls eyes
-          Sounds like....I don’t know. Dinosaurs, maybe.
-          Only 2 or more of them had the actual sizes.
Enough of dinosaurs, I rode the simulator. It was quite like the helicopter in Petrosains but it was much worse. When I was queuing, there was a bunch of rag dolls dancing and singing non -stop. The music kept  echoing in my mind!
There was one thing I will always remember at PSN. It was a hand chopper. First, it asked you to see through the eyepiece. Then, you must put your hand underneath the eyepiece. Lastly, press the green button and it looks like your hand had chopped off! It looked real and you will be PETRIFIED!
When it was time to go home, I knew I would miss PSN. Although it was not so good like being in Petrosains or Genting Highlands, I love going there. Ooh, and I got knowledge too. So, for those who didn’t went there YET, visit PSN if you have nowhere to go. Here are some of the infos:

Ticket :
Adult : RM10.00
Child : RM5.00
It ends 31st May. Don’t worry! Its 5 whole months longer..
Other pictures.


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