Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Making cupcakes..

 Yesterday, I baked cupcakes with my mom
( actually, my mom baked, I design )
When I design the cupcakes, my cupcakes are the worst!
 My mother did the sunflower only, I did the one with my name..
 My sister, Amirah did the cat cupcake.
My another sister Atirah did the one below it but the idea came from my mother
I did both cupcakes on the right..
Awful, isn'n it?
My left brain is a bit empty with these art thing

 My mom did these 100%!

P.S : My mom actually sell these cupcakes so, to anyone who are interested call my mother please!
       ROSMEZA: 017-6763608


Having a little fun,

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