Friday, April 29, 2011

I love Aina

Aina, this post is of course, dedicated to you.
Well, if only you read this.
I know you have loads of work, I’M SORRY
For wasting your precious time.
You are not in KGV anymore.
So, which school are you in?
EVERYONE misses you.
Anis Najiah, Maisara, the whole school and especially ATIQAH
She is alone. (VERY! /MAYBE?)
Rusy is.............. um, ask him yourself. Hehe...
Keep updating your blog, okay!
INSYA-ALLAH, I’ll call or more appropriate, ‘bug’ you as often as I can
Aina, based on everything,
You left a BIG IMPACT to all of us, the form 2 students.
I miss you, and always will.
P.S: What will happen if we switch? Ex 1 hish student will never have to donate any money, my your friends will never have to face extreme ‘miss’, Jepp will............. I don’t know. Maybe continue his ‘crushness’ to you. HAHA.


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