Saturday, April 9, 2011

Karnival Sukan 2011 (I'm lovin' basketball)


This year, I played basketball.
I didn’t know ANYTHING about it
I never played it and yet, I had to compete
I represented my beloved ‘rumah sukan’, BRADDON!!
At first ‘abg pandai’ asked us
“Have you guys ever played basketball?”
And everyone, yes, I mean EVERYONE said no.
Abg pandai was like “Alamak!”
He explained everything and then he said, understand?
Everyone was like ‘NOT A THING’
Then he said “Okay, if anything ever ‘foul’, I’ll blow the whistle”
Everyone just said okay and the game started.
In the end, Braddon won first place!
I didn’t believe I could play this thing.
The goals were shooted 100% by kak Hanis.
She too, never played basketball.
When I thought everything back, kak hanis, kak iqa and kak ‘dk’
Would play perfectly without me.
You know, I just threw the ball and ran….
That was all I did.
At least I got the medal!!
Better than Ng who just watched. HEHE
The lesson I get today is….
I hope I’ll continue playing basketball next year.


0 <--I know it is zero: