Monday, July 18, 2011

Scouts Skill Camp

Yay! yay yay yay yay....
Do you know what I’m ‘yay-ing’ about?
If you are my best friend, you’ll probably know.  

I’m going to tell you about it from the head start and don’t complain how boring the camp is.
Huh! Jealous people…

Okay, we started with playing hide and seek which made me shudder.
First, because I’m afraid about the place I’m going to hide.
Second, I’m afraid I will lost
Third, I’m afraid I have to find those hiders (means that I’m it)
The one who has a paper that shows a star sign, has to seek.
With a trembling hand, I put my hand on one of the papers, hoping there’s nothing scribbled on it.
I open it, and guess what?
-Yup. Got that paper that I wish I never touched.

About the hide and seek thing, Ian Ancheh Kennedy is the first person I met.
Next, I ate. Then, I prayed. Then, I ate again and then, I prayed, then, we have malam kebudayaan which won by Patrol 2 ( Safwan is in that patrol )
It was midnight.   
A boy known as ‘buruk’ told everyone we’re going to play a game called ‘burung hantu’. The word  itself scared me enough.
That form 4 brother tied my scarf to my eyes and made sure that I couldn’t see a thing.
After everything settled, those crazy faci (s) led us like into the classes, around the canteen, parking lot and where ever they wanted us to be. The damn part is, one of the faci didn’t tell me if there were stairs and my patrol ended up stacking on each other.
Another damn part is the one that held my shoulder was a Form 1 indian boy named something like The-raj or something and he talked non-stop with his ‘twin’ Devanesan (I saw his name tag). The T-boy held me very harshly sometimes and very weakly sometimes. (Did you understand that word? No? Just pretend okay) . I really can feel his hand trembling and that- increased my fear.
One more quote from Geronimo Stiton:
The facis pulled me and I pulled the form 1 girl’s shirt. It was like torning but I didn’t let go. At last, the faci managed to separate my hand from that girl’s shoulder. They pulled me like hell! No- not like hell but you get the message.
Then, um,.. bla bla bla it ends and Aiman pretended to faint, bla bla bla then I slept.
You know what? I slept with cikgu Zainab!!! Hehehehe.

The next day, the prizes was given. Patrol 1- Cooking competition
Patrol 2- Malam Kebudayaan
Patrol 4- Istiadat pagi competition
Me? I’m Patrol 3. WORST PATROL EVER!
You know what we won? – For participating in every competition as in ‘special award’ haha so funny.

Damn infos for your brain:
Extra: the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog uses all the alphabet.
Extra 2 : I learnt dancing 0.0000000000001 %
Extra 3: My patrol didn’t train almost anything for the malam kebudayaan. We train 5 minutes when the time given more than 2 hours.

Extra 4 : Every patrol got the same hamper.
Extra 5 : I’m going to the SIR national competition this Saturday so, WOHOOOOOOO Yay Kenneth!! Atiqah, please go. You are my only hope.

Extra 6 : Yes Dinie I'm a noob so what? Hey guys... You know what? I did a perfect x !
Extra 7 : Sorry no pictures.

0 <--I know it is zero: