Thursday, July 7, 2011

SMK King George V sport's day!

Yes, sport's day.
Even sports have their own day.

I want to share this quote by Geronimo Stilton that describes me like; A LOT
' I'm a bookmouse, not a sportsmouse! '
And that is patheticly true.

As usual, I am not involved in any sports or 'kawad' or even the QM thing.
Just like those years...
Standared one until NOW.

Ainatul, stop talking about yourself!
Okay! Okay!

I want to tell you that my father did came to this sport's day!
He didn't tell me he was at the field and when I call him, he said he was at the surau, waiting for me to pop out of nowhere.
When actually, he was at the field, watching the 'presents giveaway'

Wait, AINATUL!! Stop talking about yourself!!
Okay, fine, fine!!

Right after I stepped on the school compound, I went to class and then to the canteen, and then to the school's Gorgian Green.
There were many tents ( actually there are only 5 ).
All of the tents were decorated creatively by the tent AJKs.
In my opinion, the most vouge tent is Seng Long's, the cutest is Meade's, the most ferocious is Abdul Malek and the most exclusive is Sheikh Ahmad's.
I like all of them!

What? Where is Braddon?
Oh, um, find it yourself lah eh.

Okay then, the kawad thing, I love Seng Long's clothes.

2 Hisham and a few other classes sold food.
Thank god there was food!
I often starve even when I ate breakfast.
Look at Atiqah :
then Syafiq:

Lastly, the cheerleders made their elastic moves...
but that was not the end,
The end was when the teacher said
Yeah, go BRADDON!!!
I did gave 1 mark to the team, and maybe because of 1 mark we won, okay!!

Love you, braddon.

0 <--I know it is zero: